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Administration of Financial Resources

Administration of Financial Resources

Wisdom from Solomon

Solomon’s Wisdom in proverbs imparts explicit knowledge to people based on the administration of financial resources. Through his arguments, Solomon provides sound and factual information that one can have to adequately administer his or her financial resources within a specific social setting. The Wisdom in Proverbs states that all human beings can be productive if they can apply diligence concretely and systematically. Solomon adds that if a man sluggishly manages his financial resources, he will automatically become weak and unable to meet his needs. Besides, if the man in achieving his financial resources applies proper management techniques and approaches, he will surely become opulent. Similarly, following exceptional pursuits while working fairly with sympathy for the poor is also necessary. The Bible states that anyone who follows meaningless pursuits or does not work hard will forever remain poor.

Additionally, while managing financial resources, the Proverbs maintain that being diligent is as essential as being wise and righteous. If one is mandated with managing another person’s financial resources, he must be righteous and wise to limit instances of loss that might be realized. The Wisdom of Solomon maintains that a man should work somewhat to address the problem of the less privileged. Notably, if one works meaningfully and considers the efforts of others, God will eventually bless him with abundance.  Proverbs 29:1-7 (New International Version) contains explicit information that ranges from the application of Wisdom in handling financial resources to resolute solutions and outcomes that one may benefit from to avoid unrighteousness. It maintains that God blesses all righteous men who work for hand.

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