Essay Writing

Apparent differences between EU and US policies

Write a proposal, 1-2 pages in length, typed and single-spaced, describing two
distinct policy areas, either of which you would be interested in researching this
semester. Both policy areas should clearly affect people in their everyday lives and
should also lend themselves well to comparative research, meaning there are
apparent differences between EU and US policies in those areas that would benefit
from being better understood; this will also help us better understand cultural
differences. In the proposal, describe the two policy areas, argue how people are
affected by the policies in their everyday lives, and demonstrate that there are
meaningful differences in the US and the EU approach to policy. You may just have
an inkling about the differences now; through research, you will learn more about
the policies and the cultures so that your final paper will be well-informed. Consider
especially that there is not one US way and one EU way but that there are different
cities and states in the two regions that have different cultures and policies, and
that there is pluralism not only when it comes to cultures but also when it comes to
policies. You should get either your first or second choice or if those are not
detailed enough, a third policy area is decided on by the professor. You may also be
asked to revise the proposal if the policy area is too specific or too broad before it is
approved. If you like to develop an idea in conversation before handing in the
proposal, just come to office hours and we can chat about your interests in policies
in Europe and America.

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