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Applying the Bio-Psycho-Social Plus (BPS+) Model

1 SOWK2020 Winter 2023
Assignment One: Applying the Bio-Psycho-Social Plus (BPS+) Model

The main purpose of the assignment is to allow students to
demonstrate their understanding of the bio-psycho-social plus (BPS+) model by
applying it to contemporary media. The focus of this assignment is
an addiction to a substance: eg. alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or another drug. Your assignment
needs to address the biological/physiological, social, psychological, cultural and spiritual
aspects of addiction as they appear in the subject material you have chosen. Focus your
analysis on the BPS+ model!
From the list below, select your media piece (film, book, television show
or series). If you have an idea other than that on the list, please email me
well in advance for approval.
Provide an introduction and a brief and concise summary of the
(3 marks)
Clearly define and explain the BPS+ model of addiction (15 marks)
Analyze the media piece you are using through each aspect of the BPS+
model and by drawing on all of the relevant materials from the course
(readings, videos, posted material etc.)
(15 marks)
Conclude your report with a statement of how your perspective on
addiction has shifted through your research and writing this report.
(2 marks)
Do not spend all your effort on a mere summary of the book/film/show
you are exploring. Do that briefly – no more than half a page. Reserve
most of the space for demonstrating your understanding of the BPS+
model through your analysis.
Options for media selection:
A Star is Born
Leaving Las Vegas
28 Days
Walk the Line
The Spectacular Now
When a Man Loves a Woman
The Glass Castle
Mad Men
This is Us
Grey’s Anatomy
Queen’s Gambit
Indian Horse
Beautiful Boy
Other as approved in advance
The Details:
o The 7-9 page assignment is worth 35% of the course mark.
o Pages should be numbered.
o Use double-spacing between lines.
o Use one-inch page margins
o Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font.
o References should be in APA style.
o There should be a title page with:
§ Your name
§ Student number
§ Date of submission,
§ Instructor’s name
§ Course name and number
§ The title of the paper
Remember: The title page and references do not count in the page limit.
o You may use headings.
o You may use first person (i.e. I/my)
o The assignment will be submitted through Turnitin
o A late penalty of two marks per day will be applied unless an extension is granted
prior to the due date.
o Please use only the course resources for your research, no outside sources!
Marks will be awarded for:
1) How well you research the topic integrating the course texts and resources,
2) How clearly you are able to articulate your understanding of the BPS+ model
3) How effectively you analyse and comment on the addiction issues present in your
chosen media piece and
4) How clearly you organize and communicate your ideas in writing.
o Since this is an academic assignment, and not just an ‘opinion piece,’ it is essential to
cite your sources in the body of the paper in APA format; also, be sure to provide a
bibliography or list of references at the end of the report. Remember if you are using
the work and/or ideas of others, it is crucial to cite your sources! A good tip is to ask
yourself ‘how do I know this to be true?’ and then cite your source. Pease use only
the course resources for your research, no outside sources!
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