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Attend one (1) eligible JAZZ performances in person or online and complete one 2,500-word summary report with additional research, single-spaced, on your experience.

Everything is attached in the document from the question. But I have a link to the recorded concert that will be needed to write this paper. WATCH THE CONCERT

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As detailed in the course Syllabus, students of MUS 306 must complete and post one (1) Concert Report this semester. Please note that the Concert Report is worth 29% (350 points) of the student’s final course grade. Students can choose to do this a group of five or less.

Students who fail to complete and post at least one (1) concert report will receive an automatic grade of “F” for this course.


Attend one (1) eligible JAZZ performance in person or online and complete one 2,500-word summary report with additional research, single-spaced, on your experience.

The Group Concert Report/Research Paper must be uploaded online to Canvas via the link by the published deadline in order to be eligible for grading. A Group Concert Report/Research Paper e-mailed directly to your instructor will not be accepted. There will be no make-up Group Concert Report/Research Paper. All uncompleted Group Concert Report/Research Paper will receive the grade of “F.” It is the student’s responsibility to manage their time accordingly and be aware of all assignment and all posting deadlines.

In addition to completing a report on the concert, you are required to complete additional research in the University Library whereby you compare/contrast the performance/performance style of the group you see with a historical artist/group in the same jazz genre. You will need to conduct research on the historical group and then apply that research to what you saw during the concert. All sources must be cited in MLA 9th ed. format as detailed below.


All Group Concert Report/Research Papers will be available for posting beginning Monday, 01/23/23 at 12:00AM. Please note the following CLOSING date for the Concert Report:

Due by Friday, March 31, 2023 at 23:59 (11:59 PM).


Jazz performances must meet ALL of the following criteria in order to be “eligible” for Concert Reports:

  1. Performance must be attended during the semester the student is enrolled in this course. Performances attended prior to the beginning of this course are not eligible for concert reports;
  2. The performance must be in the jazz idiom;
  3. The performers must be college-level / aged musicians or professionals;
  4. The performers’ and/or ensemble’s name must be specifically named on the venue’s published performance calendar;
  5. The performance set must contain at least three (3) different tunes.

Coffee-house “jam sessions” or private parties that feature jazz entertainment are NOT eligible for Concert Reports. The performance must be presented in an established venue or online. In addition, multiple concert reports cannot be completed on the same performer (even if attending different performances of that artist).


Students must include the following information at the beginning of their report:

  1. Date and time of performance;
  2. Name, address, and website of performance venue;
  3. Names of all performers involved in the performance;
  4. Price of admission (if any);
  5. Copy of your ticket stub (if any).
  6. Extra credit: program autographed by a performer


Though the exact content within each report will vary based on the type of performance attended, the following questions may be used as a guideline of potential discussion topics.

  • Describe the effect of the performance on your mind, mood, and emotions. Was the performance engaging (intellectually and/or emotionally)? How did your expectations affect your experience? Did you leave the performance in a different mood than when you arrived? Did you experience something about music that you had not experienced before?
  • How did you react to the players’ improvisation? Did the performance engage you or did you feel “lost” at times? What musical forms or techniques drew your attention during the improvisation sections? Did you find the players’ improvisations to be intellectually stimulating?
  • To what extent did the performers react or interact with one another? How did the performers respond to the reactions by audience members? Did you feel a connection with the performers or were you unable to relate to this particular musical experience?

Concert Report Guidelines

Research: Use at least two (2) outside sources. A minimum of one source must be a BOOK specifically about the person/topic. You may include anthologies and compilations about multiple people, but they cannot count as part of your two sources. The remaining source may be from a variety of sources (Internet-based is acceptable) such as magazine, trade, or newspaper articles and/or interviews. The class text may be referenced but it cannot be counted as one of the two required sources. Please note that use of and/or Internet blogs are NOT considered acceptable research sources for formal academic work.

Citations: Throughout your report, you MUST cite quotes and important “borrowed” material that is obviously not original. Quotations must be properly cited according to accepted MLA style. A report that fails to cite references (with page numbers) will have no chance of receiving a top grade.

Bibliography: Your report must incorporate a bibliography that details your sources in proper 9th ed. of MLA style. See for assistance with MLA bibliography formatting.  See also  This section covers all citation guides, but it has a special section on MLA.

For more specific research information for this class, visit

Document Format: Failure to follow these instructions will result in a lowered grade.

  1. TITLE PAGE: None
  2. TITLE OF ASSIGNMENT: Name of topic
  3. (RUNNING) HEADER (1/2 inch from edge) include:

      Upper Left Corner: Title of your paper

      Upper Right Corner: Your full name

  • (RUNNING) FOOTER (1/2 inch from edge) include:

      Lower Left Corner:

                  MUS 306 – Concert Report

      Lower Right Corner:

                  Page number (in “p. x/y” format)

  • FONT: Arial, 12-point size
  • MARGINS: Use 1-inch margins on all four sides of your report.
  • SPACING: SINGLE (Not 1.5 or double spacing).
  • LENGTH: Minimum of 2,500 words. Maximum of 3,000 words.
  • ORPHANS AND WIDOWS: Control as much as practically possible.
  • Orphan: A paragraph-opening line that appears by itself at the bottom of a page/column.
  • Widow: A paragraph-ending line that falls at the beginning of the following page/column.

Posting Assignments: Students are required to post their concert reports via the link within Canvas where they will be checked for originality and then graded. Reports submitted to your instructor via printed hard copy or e-mail will not be accepted.

Originality Reports: Please note that on has been enabled to allow students to view their “originality report” and to make multiple submissions (up until the posting deadline.) Students are encouraged to use this feature as a tool to ensure that their work is presented in the best possible manner.

Late Postings: Please note that LATE POSTINGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND GRADED AND WILL EARN THE AUTOMATIC POINT VALUE OF “ZERO.” As it is impossible for your instructor to verify the wide range of claimed “technical difficulties” with a student’s computer and/or web browser, it is STRONGLY recommended that all students plan accordingly and post their papers at least one hour prior to the posting deadline (in order to allow time to deal with ANY potential posting difficulties.) In addition, it is recommended that all students become familiar with the various CSUN computer labs around the campus (as an alternate computer for posting) in the event that their personal computer malfunctions (for whatever reason).

Back-up Copies: Students are REQUIRED to save a back-up copy of their paper in another location other than on In the (unlikely) event of a malfunction, students may be required to re-post their paper or submit a hard copy for grading.

Gradebook: Each paper will be graded on a 350-point scale. In addition to the point grade assigned to each paper, instructor comments will be detailed on each paper. To access this feedback, please view the GENERAL COMMENTS section of

See next page for list of jazz concerts and venues

Everything is attached in the document from the question. But I have a link to the recorded concert that will be needed to write this paper. WATCH THE CONCERT

Please let me know if it works or if you have anything other questions

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