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Benihana of Tokyo – Company Strategic Management Operations

Benihana of Tokyo – Company Strategic Management Operations

Benihana of Tokyo 

Company Strategic Management Operations


The business can incorporate open door cooking services into various business processes thereby automating tasks like management of customer orders, collecting customer shopping trends and generation of new ideas. This allows for the sharing of information between various sections quickly and thereby allowing for in-time reaction to any changes in market conditions or needs. At the same time, the systems will promote organizational communication allowing for the flow of information between various departments thereby improving coordination of business management processes.


As hotel industries continually advance, business management systems are being equipped with thousands of services that help it in enhancing services, take clues from the business problem statement and generate information on the significant clues mentioned in the problem. Based on the results generated, the hotel is capable of representing found solutions based on evidence gathering and evaluation and weighting of the accuracy within which the results are presented (Sasser, 2004). To improve the efficiency of business operations, it is critical to first analyze the changing business operations of hotels in the American market, identify the various sections within which enterprise systems can be implemented, some of the critical business processes that might need to be redesigned to fit into the management systems and finally designing a prototype of the information flow and various interactions between business processes to identify dependency.


Hotel meals come as either a customized or pre-packaged amongst the other foods generally served to help support repetitive tasks. The use of these customized packages is cost effective from the administrative point of view as it spreads management costs. The main challenge surrounding off-the-shelf food packages is that they are more generalized and might not meet most of the unique business needs or processes. For this reason, most companies prefer customized packages as they are capable of accommodating all the business processes and needs.


Customized hotel services are best suited for creating positive value on organization performance reports based on information retrieved from transaction processing systems. EIS provides solutions for middle management on routine problems that have a predefined solution; hence they do not have much analytical capability (Sasser, 2004). Different organizations rely on the quality of the decision-making process alongside effective strategic planning and decision implementation hence the need to emphasize on the basis through which supported decisions are made. Many decisions depend on different data in drawing conclusions, i.e. Fact based – these type of decisions is made based on reliable information from trustable sources. Through the asking of the ‘why?’ question multiple times, it is possible to identify information outside standard opinions thereby supporting informed conclusions proactively. Such information may be based on graphical representations that depict a realistic position of the firm concerning certain factors.

Human Resource

In attempting to improve business processes some of the conditions that need to be reviewed include; seeking the support of executive management, setting of realistic expectations, ensuring that all employees share the vision, encouraging all employees to participate in providing feedback, seeking of sufficient funding and the implementation of sound business management practices.


Change in the progression, staff and contractors are rapid in a production which embroils substantial capital asset. Therefore, Benihana hotels requires a plan on how they can forestall any vicissitudes in the marketplace based on their structures. The outdoor cooking experience is an excellent answer to this encounter. Organization schemes are diverse, and there is no solitary method. However, Benihana has been rummage-sale for interoperability, pellucidity, procedural assistance, and devolved resolutions.



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