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Bloom’s Taxonomy Guidelines, including a robust Literature Review

Each student will produce a recorded PowerPoint.  You will be required to conduct research on your organization or an organization you have worked for in the past. In your presentation, please include the following: 1) conduct a SWOT analysis on the current organization or an organization you have chosen and identify at least five strengths, five weaknesses, five opportunities, and five threats.  Using Miles Typology, identify one of the four strategies that best descript the organization.

The presentation will consist of a professional 20-25 minute analysis. You should use PowerPoint (or other technology) to create the recording and production of the topic, and presentations should be professional and engaging.  During your presentation, you are also expected to follow Bloom’s Taxonomy Guidelines, including a robust Literature Review.   Please review my webcast on the details of your Graduate Research Project.  Your grade will be based on the Critical Thinking Rubric (see study guide).   

  • 20-25 minute presentation.
  • Attend Library Webcast and complete Quiz.  If this is not completed, there will be a 10% penalty for each.
  • Graduate Project should include an Introduction including your hypothesis statement; a full literature review including studies relating to your topic, limitations of the studies, what suggestions were made in each study (see rubric); the methodology you used, and conclusions showing implications to the 21st-century workforce.  What recommendations would you make based on the research?
  • You must upload the Graduate Research Project PDF to Moodle.
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