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Nursing Writing Help avails professional and unrivaled book report writing help for all college, university, and high school students. “Have your professor assigned you an urgent book report task to deliver in less than 24 hours?” That does not sound pleasing. Doesn’t it? For some students with adequate time, the book report writing assignment may not necessarily be a challenging hustle. Still, hundreds of students could not get into the recommended texts because they were full-time or part-time employees. Some are students in other institutions of higher learning, meaning their weekly assignments are more likely to overlap. “What if you find yourself in a situation when you cannot read the book?” Unfortunately, several college students would fail to submit the task on time because they do not know where to find expert book report writing assistance. For the Best Nursing Writing Help

Alternatively, it is increasingly common for students to read book summaries online. Others go for abridged versions by money-hungry individuals masquerading as professional book report writers. Undoubtedly, these shortcuts will only cost you that perfect grade because most professionals can spot unoriginal content a mile off. In other words, “what happens when your lecturer knows you did not connect with the material?” You will be penalized for plagiarism and other forms of academic integrity violations.

So, “what should you do to avoid the risk of failing your book report assignment?” Contact Nursing Writing Help and place your book report writing order. You might wonder, “Why do our book report writing services.” Our book report writing help comes with unlimited guarantees. First, we assure every college student that ours is a non-plagiarized book report writing service. We write your order for a book report from scratch by taking the time to read, understand, and summarize the book. This explains why all our college papers are detailed, persuasive, and evidence-based. We have worked as professors and tutors in reputable universities, so our team knows precisely what your suspicious professor wants in a book report.

Our legitimacy comes from our professional writers’ ability to produce uniquely written book reports. Remember, none of your papers will be shared with a third party to avoid intentional or unintentional duplication. Some students have asked, “How do you remove plagiarized content from a quote?” Our answer is straightforward: we correctly in-text cite all quotes and paraphrased sentences to address your concerns regarding accidental plagiarism. Let’s also emphasize that in-text Citation is a free service that accompanies our expert book report help.

Asked, “Where can I get cheap book report writing help?” Nursing Writing Help offers pocket-friendly book report services while at the same time prioritizing our quality writing standards. As usual, we understand that our custom academic writing motto is to assist students of all academic levels in achieving top-rated grades in their academic fields. We charge you as low as $12 a page. While this fee is subject to change due to your book report’s urgency, complexity, and academic level, our professional writers have something for everybody. Don’t shy away because we can answer your “How much does a book report writing service cost.”

We employ and maintain only qualified expert writers of native English descent to work on your book report projects. Each writer we engage in working on your upcoming book report is a highly experienced professional in English and literature. Our writers possess exceptional writing skills because they know what information to include in your book reports attracting the highest possible marks from the professor.

Are you concerned about “who will format my book report for me?” Our book report help is a fully packaged service for college students like you. We recognize that not all students are conversant with new and complex formatting styles. We don’t blame our esteemed customers when they reveal that they cannot format a book report. Academic writing styles more often. Specifically, we are bombarded with new versions of APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, OSCOLA, Harvard, and Oxford all the time. So, you’re not alone. Once you visit us, your only job is to fill out the specific order requirements and leave the rest to our able book report writing help team.

Our “I need a book report written online today” ordering process is fast, simple, and smooth. Just visit our pricing and ordering pages and follow the following stages to have a perfectly written book report in the comfort of your college desk:

  1. Set the order requirements – You need to specify the book report you want our professional team to write, including the word count/page numbers, deadline/delivery date, and academic level (high school, college, master’s, or Ph.D.)
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All college students can avail of our book report writing services and receive an expertly written book report in the comfort of their homes. Our writer does an excellent book report online with Nursing Writing Help is available around the clock. “Do you have a forthcoming book report that you are less likely to complete on time?” Alternatively, “Do you lack the knowledge, expertise, and will to write a top-grade book report for that online class?” If these questions concern you, consider utilizing our professional, tried, and tested book report writing assistance today! Our expert writers are specialized in producing top-rated book report writing help at all academic levels: college, high school, undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D.

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With over 450 vetted and accredited professional book report writers, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with your “write my book report” request. Our expert book report maestros have the answers to your book writing needs and all other academic writing needs. These experts are trained and well-equipped to take a customized approach to write top-quality book reports on your behalf. Whatever the reasons, including “who will help me write a straight-A book report,” do not worry. We are masters when it comes to offering unrivaled book report writing services. Our principal goal in the highly competitive and rapidly changing digital writing space is to catapult you to the excellent grades you’ve always dreamed of in that course.

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Writing Book and Movie Review

Many students fail to do the correct thing when asked to review a book or movie instead of analyzing the work. Definition-wise, to review is to conduct a critical assessment or appraisal of a film, book, journal, or other publication to establish its quality, relevance, or suitability. What does this mean, then? Sara Wolfe emphasizes that a review is a blend of a movie/book summary or synopsis and a brief analysis.

So, this is how you should go about the process: provide a concise but conclusive introduction to the movie or text by identifying its thesis and conclusions. Your introduction states the book’s or movie’s title, author’s name, and publication date. Your readers or tutors will be looking at the key points, suggesting why you should prioritize outlining the thesis or significant ideas captured in the text or film. Equally important, the introductory paragraph(s) should end with your thoughts about or reaction to the item under review. Examples of what to write here include “I liked the book or movie because…,” the movie is dull due to….” and “this text is practical, evidence-based, and relevant because….”

The summary section is essential since it presents a brief outline of its elements. Here your instructor expects you to state and briefly state who, why, what, how, when, and where. In this context, “who” includes characters, and “what” stands for dominant themes?  Examples of shortened sentences to include in the summary paragraph(s): “this movie portrays…,” “the main character is….” “The book is set in…,” and “the author integrates….”

The analysis section is about stating or detailing whether or not you liked or disliked the book under review.   Most importantly, you do not necessarily express your opinion regarding the text but also use specific examples or instances from a book or movie to explain why you think so. The analysis should focus on language, message, character development, and your overall impression. It would help to tell the audience why the book incorporates unusual concepts, uses unrealistic language, and integrates exciting vocabulary.

Your conclusion should recapture what you have covered: thesis and a summary of ideas. Another critical aspect of this section is a “call to action,” in which you either recommend or negatively criticize the book or movie for discouraging others from reading or watching it.

Finally, the movie/book review structure enables you to inculcate a culture of intensive reading, careful note-taking, and critical thinking. This is because your readers are primarily interested in a summarized overview of the book or movie.

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Sample Book Review: Primer on Crime and Delinquency Theory

The book A Primer on Crime and Delinquency Theory offers a critical examination of crime and theories that link human beings with crime. The book explores the various theories that attribute to behaviors or situations that make a man commit a crime. Bohm and Vogel explore numerous theories that put into a better perspective why man indulges in crime. The book has explored several theories including psychological, biological, sociological, economic, and other theories that possibly play a hand in criminal cases. The book helps to enlighten both students and criminal law stakeholders on the connection but crime and the theories that try to explain crime. The book aims to provide undergraduate and graduate students with a relatively brief but comprehensive exposition of crime and delinquency theories. The book can act as a primary or a secondary text to students and stakeholders pursuing knowledge in criminal and delinquency theories.

Bohm and Vogel offer a strong foundation on what theories are; they also explain concepts from scientific theories and the nominal and operational definitions of various theoretical concepts. Explanation of those concepts helps a student have a wider scope and better understand how various delinquency theories are connected with crime. He also explores various propositions both linear and non-linear that help in the proliferation of crime. Explanation of those propositions helps a student relate how several concepts can affect a person into engaging in crime.

Bohm and Vogel also use testing of theories to expound on the strength of a theory to explain the causes of crime or the relationship between a person and crime. Bohm and Vogel argue that more powerful theories should help explain crime at different levels of analysis. That means the theories should provide an in-depth analysis of how different variables are logically linked to form a meaningful relationship between the theory and the crime. Bohm and Vogel argue that the strongest theory provides a compelling explanation to answer situational, dispositional, systematic, psychological, or biological factors that link a person to a crime. On the other hand. Bohm explains that a weak theory is a theory that only offers one level of analysis to the connection between crime and a person. He asserts that the best way to test a theory is through falsification of the theory.   He argues that the strength of a theory should be gauged by its ability to stand the test of falsity. The more the theory tests falsity, the stronger it should be rated.

Bohm and Vogel look into the classical and neoclassical theory and their relationship to crime and delinquency acts. Bohm and Vogel explain how people used to behave before the Age of reason or the enlightenment age. He purports that people’s behavior was controlled by religious norms where people could be judged according to the revelation of the Holy Writ and the Holy Spirit. He condemns that trend as an illusion based on ignorance where the church inflicted fear among believers through the church doctrine and held them into subjugation. People used to associate crime with sins and acts catalyzed by demonic forces. Bohm tries to bring to light how the Enlightenment age helped people understand the world through science and reason. Through the classical theory, people could understand the world, and then the world could be changed. Bohm accuses the classical theory of failing to understand that the people in the world were divinely ordained. Bohm and Vogel highlight how the classical theory helped prevent crime and liberate people to understand their human rights. Those advocating the theory posited that people had free will and they could weigh the potential of pleasure against its pain. Moreover, from the rational choice theory, people could consider the risk and the rewards before they commit a crime. Unlike the earlier religious belief, Bohm and Vogel explain how rationality brought by the classical theory helped people understand their situations better. Bohm and Vogel carefully scrutinize the classical and neoclassical theories’ ability to prevent crime. He argues that, despite those who commit crimes being treated as irrational, some things need to be considered. Because rational people contract themselves to society, those with nothing to lose after being contracted to society can still commit a crime. He pokes holes into the classical theory by giving an instance where a person with no property in the society will not value being contracted into that society since they will have nothing to lose and hence can commit a crime any time.

Bohm and Vogel also check into the positivist theories and their contribution to explaining how people link themselves with crime. Bohms and Vogel accuse these theories of over-prediction in accounting for various crimes and failure to explain exceptions.  For instance, he gives an instance where the theory relates crime to poverty and fails to account for many poor people who do not engage in crime. He cites the generalization of characters in accounting for crime, where individual differences are not taken care of when accounting for crime as a major problem. He concurs with the effort played by the theories, but he states the normative consensus posited by the theory as another problem. The theory assumes that most people agree most of the time about moral values.

Bohm and Vogel also look into details of biological theories and how they account for the crime. He explores different studies of human crime, body types theories, hereditary studies, and modern bio-criminology. Bohm and Vogel are at loggerheads with the distastefulness of the penalties imposed to stop crime, such as sterilization, extermination, and isolation. He terms penalties as inhuman and inappropriate. He also cites the generalization of samples and the failure of the theories to take care of all people with traits but fails to expose them as some of the problems with the theories.

Other theories that Bohms and Vogel look into in detail include the psychological theories, where personality needs and emotions contribute to crime. He has explored how the different psychological theories such as Maslow’s theory, humanistic theory, macro psychological, micro psychological, and others.

Robert M. Bohm is a professor of criminal justice at the University of Florida. He is also the author of the book Introduction to Criminal Justice, Deathquest, Demystifying Crime and Criminal Justice, and other books. Brenda Vogel is a professor of criminology and justice at California State University, Long Beach. She has also published books in several areas of criminological theories, public perception, public perception of crime, race, and crime, and perception of law enforcement and other areas.

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