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Case Study on Alternative Medicine

Case Study on Alternative Medicine

Answer the case study questions below in APA format, between 2-3 pages, and include a cover page. 

Case Study on Alternative Medicine (also in the textbook on page 124)

Blake is having a great deal of hip and back pain. He used to run a lot and still plays tennis, which he does not want to give up. His private medical doctor has told him that the MRI showed he has a pinched sciatic nerve from a herniated disc. The doctor has suggested that Black have back surgery to remove the disc and stabilize the vertebra. He is very concerned about having this surgery performed. A friend suggested that Blake should try other means to treat the condition and specifically said he should try acupuncture. Blake has heard about acupuncture, but he has a fear of needles.


1. What would you suggest Blake could do to learn more about acupuncture as a treatment for back pain?

2. Where would he find a person or doctor who would be a professionally trained acupuncturist?

3. Do insurance companies pay for acupuncture? 

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