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Chapter 4 Discussion Topic

Ch. 9 Discussion Board
In your own words, after reviewing the multiple intelligences discussed in Ch. 9, which 2 intelligences do you think are most important? Explain why you think these two should be expressed in a person the most.
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Chapter 4 Discussion Topic
Before you look, think about which North American city London, England might share a latitude with. Now look at a map and see.
It rarely snows in London (it rains a lot), but it does snow (and therefore gets colder) in cities that share a latitude with London.
Discuss how conduction and convection on the surface of the Earth could allow London to stay so warm compared to other places at the same latitude.
If you really want to get into this, discuss how the theory of global warming might affect London’s (and the rest of Western Europe’s for that matter) weather. If global warming happens, would London get warmer or colder (hint: the density of the oceans matter for this).
There are certain requirements to fulfill in order to receive the maximum credit for class discussion participation.

Frequency and Timeliness: Students should post on three different days each week(day one initial post, day two response to a classmate, day three response to different classmate) with the initial post being within 48 hours of module opening.

High-Quality posts include substantial posts containing well-developed original thoughts, added insight to the topic, outside sources, and follow-up questions. These posts are error-free and grammatically correct. In addition, these posts are a minimum of 150 words. The posts should demonstrate higher order thinking and critical thinking skills.

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