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Communication Plan

The Project Manager for Global Development Systems (GDS), asked you to assist in developing the Communication Plan and Risk Register for the PMO Cloud Implementation Project. First, you must create the stakeholder register that includes the following stakeholders:

Stakeholder (Role)

  • John Doe – Sponsor
  • Neil Doe – Project Manager
  • Claire Doe – Systems Administrator I
  • Elijah Doe – Network Administrator
  • Nathaniel Doe – Systems Administrator II
  • Aaliyah Doe – IT Technician


Create a Stakeholder Register, Communication Plan, and Risk Register using an Excel spreadsheet and the templates provided.


  • Create the stakeholder register using an Excel spreadsheet that details key information about stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Next, using the provided template, create the Communication Plan that provides high-level information about stakeholders’ communications.
  • Create a Risk Register that provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the project using an Excel Spreadsheet template provided.
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