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Conflict Theory, Social Learning Theory, and theoretical analysis

The paper should contain the following: a) a cover page, and the following sections: (Introduction, Conflict Theory, Social Learning Theory, and theoretical analysis). Before starting this assignment, go to the library to gather peer-reviewed articles on the theories we have covered in class: Conflict theory and Social Learning Theory). Also, proceed to the ‘Content Folder’ here on Blackboard to review some lecture series similar to what we covered in class.

Conflict Theory, Social Learning Theory, and theoretical analysis

Your paper must adhere to the following requirements below:

Introduction: What is theory and how does it help to analyze social phenomena (1 page // and must include 3-4 in-text citations)

Conflict Theory: Provide a short biography of Karl Marx (1 page // 3-4 in-text citations), Define conflict theory (2 pages// must include 4-5 in-text citations)

Social Learning Theory: Write a short biography of Albert Bandura (1 page 3-4 citations)

Define social learning theory (1 page// 3-4 citations). According to Bandura, the learning process is completed through 5 key steps: a ) Observation b) Attention c) Retention d) Reproduction e) Imitation. Provide a one-page explanation for each and an example of the 5 key steps of learning according to Bandura.

Theoretical Framework: What is the importance of a theoretical analysis in research? (1 page// 2-3 citations). Using conflict theory, provide a theoretical analysis of the impact of lack of resources between the haves and have-nots on crime (2 pages with proper citations).

Reference Page – Provide a reference page (APA -Format)

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