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Content Mastery Test

7.2 Content Mastery Test

After studying and reviewing the concepts and practices, answer all the questions provided on the module concepts: correlation and simple linear regression.

The table below gives the amount of time students in a class studied for a test and their test scores.

Hours Studied    1    0    3    1.5    2.75    1    0.5    2
Test Score    78    75    90    89    97    85    81    80

Graph the data on a scatter plot, find the line of best fit, and write the equation for the line you draw.

  1. Consider the following aspects when submitting your test:

    1. Build the scatter plot and bring a conclusion about its use of it.
    1. Determine the correlation coefficient.
    1. Determine the standard error
    1. Determine the regression equation.
    1. According to the regression equation found, bring the meaning for coefficients, b0, and b1, and provide a conclusion based on these values
    1. Find the value of the test score when hours studied equals 7.

Contribute a minimum of 2 pages. It should include at least 2 academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit your assignment by 11:59 PM Eastern on Saturday.
  • Review the rubric to determine how your assignment will be graded.
  • Your assignment will be run through TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. 
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