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COR Work Plan

FAC-COR Level II Individual Assignment – Day 5 – COR Work Plan

Module 4: Award

COR Work Plan

Instructions: As we have seen throughout the training, a COR’s responsibilities can be varied and complex. Surveillance of contractors, documentation, communication, and file maintenance are just a few of the COR’s many responsibilities. To track these responsibilities, developing a COR work plan is one of the essential COR tasks in managing the contract during the post-award phase, and it helps ensure that the COR can fulfill all duties and responsibilities.

There is no set format to follow in preparing a COR work plan. It can be simple or complex, but it must specify the performance outputs of the SOW and describe the methodology by which the government will conduct inspection and acceptance of the contractor’s performance, as required by the contract.

The work plan should be developed as soon as the COR is appointed and may be modified as needed throughout the acquisition process. A COR work plan serves as:

· A baseline for project management and scheduling

· Simple tool for tracking contract progress

· Following the plan to monitor contract performance and perform other delegated responsibilities

The COR work plan should indicate the level of commitment or amount of time and effort that will be necessary to monitor the contract to ensure successful performance. The COR determines the level of effort by considering general historical factors and the contractor’s performance history.

Directions: Using the COR Work Plan Best Practices, delegation letter, and QASP below, determine and develop a COR work plan for the pharmacy flooring acquisition. Remember to address:

· Administrative information

· Historical factors

· Monitoring techniques

· Documentation of performance

· Areas of concern or conflict

Instructions: Develop a COR Work Plan in the below space

Best practices for developing a work plan:

  1. Identify the purpose for the work plan
  2. Develop goals/task/outcomes to accomplish (Use the QASP or delegation letter)

a. Use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound)

  1. Identify resources (needed or impacted from the work plan)
  2. Identify obstacles or barriers that will impact the work plan
  3. Identify who is responsible for the work plan results or outcomes

Below are few examples of a COR work plan templates from basic to complex:

Example 1

Outcome Indicators

Data Collection



Evaluations and or Results


Collect samples from dust monitors



Results must be within the monitoring agreement no higher than .1 mil

Example 2

Process Step

Resource(s) Needed

Expected Effort



Contractor, COR, PM

Discuss daily events and deliverables

Daily at


Invoice from contractor

Contractor submits

At the end of the contract

Example 3

Rank # (importance)

Goal / Task

Communication Needs

Resource Needs

Date Due or Frequency



Process / Report Made

Just think of a work plan like baking a cake. The final goal of it is to bake a cake and there are procedures or task to get to the final delivery:

The above picture is the work plan to bake a cake.

Delegation Letter

Department of Veterans Affairs


Date: June 12, 2015

From: Miranda Ballard, Contracting Officer, Center Agency Contracting Office

Subject: Delegation of Authority as the Contracting Officer’s Representative for Contract# VA15-270-B-0181, Install Pharmacy IV Admixture Flooring

To: Henry McCutchen

  1. As authorized in VAAR 801.603, you are hereby designated as the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for the “Install Pharmacy IV Admixture Flooring” program in the administration of the above numbered contract.
  2. Subject to the limitations stated elsewhere in this delegation of authority, you are authorized in connection with this contract to perform the duties and responsibilities, which are enumerated below:

a) Monitor the Contractor’s performance to assure compliance with the technical requirements of the contract.

b) Reviewing and approving progress reports and other items required for approval.

c) Assuring that changes in work under the contract are not implemented without prior written authorization of the contracting officer.

d) Recommending in writing to the Contracting Officer contract enforcement actions and changes desired in the contract with justification for the proposed change, subject to supervisory approval of those listed through which this delegation passes.

e) Authorized to generally supervise contract performance, inspect deliveries, and place delivery orders for services against this contract.

  1. This delegation does not authorize any other actions, including, but not limited to the following, all of which remain the responsibility of the Contracting Officer:

a) Making changes to contract terms and conditions. This includes changes involving increase and decrease in contract prices as well as no cost changes.

b) Requiring extras.

c) Extending completion time frames established by the contract.

d) Terminating the contract in whole or in part.

  1. The Contracting Officer must authorize all changes to the contract ion writing. Any irregularities, discrepancies, or deficiencies observed should be reported, in writing, to the Contracting Officer using established procedures.
  2. You are reminded that the Government cannot be bound by the unauthorized actions of its personnel, and the contract may look to such persons for payment of any claims in connection with such actions.
  3. This designation shall remain in effect throughout the contract life unless it is revoked in writing by the Contracting Officer.

COR Acknowledgement of Delegation

The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of one copy of the foregoing delegation on . One copy is returned herewith.

Signature of Designee Date

Please acknowledge receipt of this Delegation as shown below

Contractor’s Acknowledgement of Delegation

The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt of one copy of the foregoing delegation on . One copy is returned herewith.

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