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See If You Can Draw …

The name of this game is “See If You Can Draw…”

Start by providing each student with crayons, markers, and paper.

Let them know that you want to see how creative they can be with the pictures you asked them to draw. There is no right or wrong answer.

Give the students the materials they will have access to. Choose only 2 problems below that all the children are going to solve individually. They are going to put one problem on one side of the paper and the 2nd problem on the back of the paper. Decide how you are going to present to the students and observe them throughout the activity.

When they are done ask the children to explain their drawing to you individually. Listen to them carefully to see their thought process.

Have your students use their imaginations and creativity by solving 2 of the following art problems of your choice:

  • See if you can draw something blue.
  • See if you can draw a bird in the tall tree.
  • See if you can draw a day at the park.
  • See if you can draw a road with no end.
  • See if you can draw a day at the beach.
  • See if you can draw a frog on a log.
  • See if you can draw a puppy dog.
  • See if you can draw a picture of you.


  1. Share how you think the lesson went.
  2. Which problem do you think the students enjoyed more? Why?
  3. Were the students able to explain their thought process of how they solved the problem? What is your interpretation of their picture? Does it match what the student said? Why or why not?
  4. Compare the two children. What was similar and different with their responses?
  5. What made their responses creative?
  6. Identify if there is anything you would change if you had to do it again. Explain why you would or would not make changes.
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