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Criminal Law, University of Minnesota

Criminal Law, University of Minnesota

Your response must be at least 6-8 sentences and include at least two citations from the text or other sources.  All sources used must be cited using APA format.

You may use the following resources to complete this discussion:

Criminal Law, University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing edition, 2015

Discussion Topic:

Susannah, a Hollywood movie star, is a witness in a civil personal injury case. Susannah saw a car accident and is subpoenaed to testify that the defendant was at fault. After the court commissioner administers an oath to tell the truth, Susannah takes the witness stand. She knows the case will generate significant publicity, so Susannah shaves ten years off of her age when asked routine background questions by the prosecutor. If Susannah is thereafter caught in this lie and prosecuted for perjury, what will be the primary issue in her perjury prosecution? How will this issue be resolved?

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