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CS 250 Vision Quest Software Case Study PDF

This is a group activity. For more information on groups, please see  About Group Work.

You will be placed in a group of four to six students and will select a role to act out within the team. Roles will be selected first come, first served. Each team will consist of the following roles:

Read the  CS 250 Vision Quest Software Case Study PDF

· One Scrum Master

· One Product Owner

· One or more testers

· One or more developers

Read the  CS 250 Vision Quest Software Case Study PDF . Using the case study, assume your selected role and imagine transitioning from waterfall to agile. This is an experimental process as the company tries to learn how to implement a new methodology best. As the culture shift happens, communicate with your team members to discuss the practices and aspects of agile you feel are important to incorporate into your team. If there are any practices you feel should not be incorporated, provide an argument to your team as to why they should not be included. Focus on your specific role and how the practices will help you be more effective. Ask your team members clarifying questions about their suggestions. Direct your communication to specific team roles as needed. Provide clear feedback to your classmates when they ask questions about your role and clear feedback about the practices you want to implement. Work together as a team to accept and adopt at least one practice submitted by each team member.

Vision Quest Software Case Study

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