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Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro Leadership

Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro Leadership

According to Pérez-Stable, (1999) Cuban revolution happened in 1959 after Fidel Castro overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista who had oppressed Cuban for seven good years. Fidel Castro was well received by people of Cuba since he was one of the prominent and promising candidate for the presidency in 1952. Still, the Batista overthrew the government before the Election Day. Batista leadership style was funded by the United States where it governed almost all the economic ventures. Castro started the campaign from the south province of Cuba than ran parallel government to the government of Fulgencio Batista in 1958. When his government earned enough votes and had a stable military, he overthrew Batista in January 1959.

Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro Leadership

The government of the Cuba was successful at the beginning because Fidel established ties with the Soviet Union who supported him as he resisted the United States. He lowered the tax for the local organization thus making the United States furious of this action. Establishing a domestic and military relationship with USSR was the main key factors that Made Castro successful in his leadership. In 1961, his government captured and killed 1400 Cuban from exile who planned to attack Cuba at Bay of Pigs. Reports indicate CIA trained them in U.S. Cuban revolution improved the life of Cuban in several ways. More than ten thousand schools built and the Cuban literacy level improved to 98%. The Cuban also adored universal health care, which reduced the infant mortality rate greatly. Fidel sustained the revolution by executing all those against him or forcing them into exile. He also abolished the freedom of media and labor unions (Menton, 2014).   


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