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Cultural Anthropology & Psychology

Cultural Anthropology & Psychology

Cultural Anthropology & Psychology




After reviewing the Learning Resources for this week, respond to either Option A OR Option B: 

Option A: Cultural Anthropology 

  • Share a time when you first experienced a culture other than your own. Did you experience any behaviors in that culture that surprised you?  
  • Did you experience or observe behaviors that might be considered deviant by your own cultural standards, but were perfectly acceptable in that culture? What standards did you use to judge if that other culture was practicing “deviant” acts?  
  • Would you be able to participate in acceptable acts within this culture, even if they are not acceptable in your culture? 

Option B: Psychology 

Movies, television shows, books, news articles, and other popular media make use of psychological concepts and research to explain human behavior. For this discussion, identify a use of psychological terms, concepts, or research that you are familiar with from outside the classroom. Then, do the following: 

  • Present a brief summary of how it presents psychological concepts and what part those play in the overall story of the piece (two to three sentences). 
  • Using concepts and methods discussed in the readings, consider whether the piece uses psychology accurately. In other words, is the source you identified a good source of information about psychology? Why or why not? 
  • Now, consider the topic you chose to focus on for your final project in this course. What psychological concepts or research you read about this week might help you understand your topic? Why?

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts, including at least one who answered the discussion option you didn’t respond to. 

Provide your initial post by 11:59 pm on Sunday. Your initial post should be at least 200 words, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Please use in-text APA citations within your post as well as full APA references at the end of your post.


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