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Cultural Conditions In Adopting Enterprise Systems

Write a 1200-word literature review based on 4 papers in the Word document.


Cultural Conditions in Adopting Enterprise Systems

Literature Review   

This section should contain a synthesis of the four papers you reviewed, organized around concepts, not a summary of each paper. A figure or diagram might help. Also, you can use tables to summarize the ideas succinctly.

 You should engage the four chosen academic papers to form a literature review critique. 

Please write this review in the style you would use for the literature review section of an academic paper on your topic of interest.  Critique writing is about discussing, comparing, and contrasting papers. The only difference from the real literature review in any other report is that you restrict your references to only the four chosen articles.  Cite references using the Harvard style. Also, please assume that the Appendices below will not be read.   

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