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Defense Policy of France in the 21ST Century

France Defense Policy 21 Century


France is among the most influential superpower nation in Europe as wells whole world. It has strong defense policies that existed from the 19th century when it was scrabbling for colonies. France is members of the world biggest security organizations such as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), World’s Nuclear and United Nations’ Security Council hence it has the strong defense policies as the other members of this organizations.

France is a democratic country where its civil and government affairs offer democratic ideals to many countries in the world. Recently terrorism, economic struggle, and political changes have affected and shaken France defense system greatly. The country has come up with defense strategies and policies that ensure the country is safe from external and internal attacks. Recently it has been mindful in protecting its interest globally by upholding high values of democracy, thus reducing external and internal attacks.

France is one of the key members of the European Union and supports all the European countries in fighting insecurity in Europe continent that can be a threat in Europe.  The action of Britain to exit from EU will influence defense in Europe greatly because it is the main superpower. Therefore France will be the leading in military power among the members of European Union. France needs to strengthen its military power to lead the EU well regarding defense in the region. France defense has also contributed to ensuring peace in overseas countries such as northern Mali. France is among many nations in the World that fighting against radical Muslim organization in the sub-Saharan region in Africa so as to strengthen its defense. Defense policy in Frances aims to become strong and dominate the world like the United States, which is the current superpower.

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