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• Define what Emergency Support Functions (ESF) are and how they might apply.

• Define what Emergency Support Functions (ESF) are and how they might apply.

From your readings offer your own definition of Consequence Management

Also include one or more of the following aspects:

  • Discuss who is responsible for Consequence Management in the context of the management of the effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on US soil
  • Define what Emergency Support Functions (ESF) are and how they might apply.
  • Clearly identify the focus of effort once an incident occurs
  • Define the term ‘core capabilities’ and list those core capabilities that need generally be accomplished in incident response, regardless of which levels of government may be involved.

Example Below

Consequence management is the actions emergency response agencies take in response to a major disaster in order to help a community return to pre-disaster operations; these actions will attempt to restore essential government functions and services. Emergency responders will also provide temporary services and relief until the local government and services can be restored, utilizing State and Federal funding, supplies, and agencies to support the effected community. While consequence management can be used for any general disaster situation, it is most often applied to communities effected by a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive terrorist incident.

Emergency response agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and their State equivalents can utilize Emergency Support Functions to provide temporary core capabilities to the effected community (FEMA, 2019). These Emergency Support Functions can include transportation and communication support to local hospitals or field hospitals, temporary generator fielding, firefighting capabilities, planning and coordination with local agencies, mass emergency care, logistic support, public health services and search and rescue capabilities or security operations (FEMA, 2019). These Emergency Support Functions work within the framework of consequence management to provide the temporary support a community effected by a CBRNE attack may need until it can return to normal day to day operations (FEMA, 2019).


FEMA. (2019, October). National Response Framework.

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