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Direct observation of students is not necessary for effective assessment.

Question 1

A good test:

Group of answer choices

cannot be developed by a teacher.

should be valid and reliable.

can be developed by test makers only.

should not require the use of any accommodations.

Question 2

In the reading field, classroom tests are:

Group of answer choices

always used for diagnostic purposes.

to be avoided.

usually used for learning more about the strengths and needs of a student.

used to diagnose groups of students only.

Question 3

Measurement differs from assessment in that :

Group of answer choices

measurement is always referring to types of tests

measurement is not developed by teachers

measurement is always standardized

measurement involves comparing results on a desired scale

Question 4

A test’s main worth is:

Group of answer choices

its usefulness in problem-solving and creating a path to improvement for individual students.

its usefulness in determining the skills students must acquire to reach the grade level standard for proficiency.

how easily it can be scored and how quickly the results can be attained.

its ability to objectively measure and compare the achievement of large groups of students.

Question 5

Reliability of assessment is most concerned with:

Group of answer choices

the ease of scoring procedures.

controlling the influence of outside factors on students’ results.

determining which students should and should not be given a test.

using the most accurate scoring scales.

Question 6

Standardized tests are:

Group of answer choices

commercially published tests.

constructed by experts.

have specific instructions for administration and scoring that must be followed.

all of the above.

Question 7

A rubric is :

Group of answer choices

a scoring criteria that can be used with performance-based assessments.

a tool that can be created by students.

a set of criteria that places value on student performance.

all of the above

Question 8

Criterion-referenced tests:

Group of answer choices

are concerned with the mastery of instructional objectives

have the same purposes as norm-referenced tests.

are always different in appearance from norm-referenced tests.

are not used for diagnostic purposes.

Question 9

The criteria below that is NOT used to determine a good test is :

Group of answer choices

the test has been adopted by a district curriculum committee.

the degree to which a test measures what it claims to measure.

the appropriateness of a test for a specific population of students.

extent to which a test instrument consistently produces similar results.

Question 10

Criterion-referenced tests are developed:

Group of answer choices

by test makers.

by teachers.

to assess performance with respect to mastery of specified objectives.

all of the above.

Question 11

Evaluation and measurement are objective.

Group of answer choices



Question 12

Direct observation of students is not necessary for effective assessment.

Group of answer choices



Question 13

An anecdotal record is a record of observed behavior over time.

Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 14

Question 14

Multiple assessments are needed to gather reliable data about student learning.

Group of answer choices



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Question 15

All tests are equally suitable for all students.

Group of answer choices



Flag question: Question 16

Question 16

Assessment of oral reading

Group of answer choices

should not be included diagnostic reading program.

is used to detect word recognition problems.

should only be included for those students who struggle.

is only possible through using informal reading inventories.

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Question 17

The text recommends that children being administered an informal reading inventory usually begin the word list:

Group of answer choices

one grade level above their grade level.

three grade levels below their grade level.

two grade levels below their grade level.

at their grade level.

Flag question: Question 18

Question 18

Teachers administering an IRI should administer the oral reading passage to the student:

Group of answer choices

as soon as the student reads with zero errors on the word list test.

as soon as the student makes one error when reading a list.

that is two grade levels below the student’s grade level.

at the highest grade level at which the student has few errors on the graded word list

Flag question: Question 19

Question 19

When administering an IRI, teachers should require students to:

Group of answer choices

read the oral passage before the silent passage.

read the silent passage before the oral passage.

read the oral passage first one time and the silent passage first another time.

read whichever passage they want.

Flag question: Question 20

Question 20

An informal reading inventory:

Group of answer choices

tests oral reading.

is always teacher-made.

helps teachers determine the student’s reading levels.

is both a and c.

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