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Discuss a topic related to the assigned reading by Luczynski & Hanley (2010)

TOPIC: Discuss a topic related to the assigned reading by Luczynski & Hanley (2010).  Use this article AND another unassigned article from a peer-reviewed journal as the basis for your argument.  It has to be a peer-reviewed journal article within the last 10 years.

Discuss a topic related to the assigned reading by Luczynski & Hanley (2010)

It is important for you to demonstrate that you have read the assigned article and are integrating the information from it and your textbook. Your discussion should not simply summarise the assigned article, as it is assumed that everyone has already read it. Instead, you should take the discussion to the next level by building upon the information presented in the assigned article and demonstrating your understanding of how it relates to your outside reference. Don’t forget to connect the dots between the two sources and show how they are related.

Please use this article below and another peered review related to the Luczynski & Hanley article.

Must be 300 words!!

Grading Rubric:

· Original discussion topic is relevant to topic

Original post is at least 300 words in length (excluding greetings, niceties, references/citations) All posts are free from writing errors

Original post is analytical, thoughtful, and accurate

At least one relevant reference from a peer reviewed journal, published within 10 years, and not included in another student’s post (that is not assigned reading for the course)

References make a meaningful contribution (and are not just thrown in to support a fact)

References are discussed in detail and connected to each other

Original post synthesizes theory and practical concerns

Posts do not contain abbreviations that are not explained

Original response is sufficiently different from other, earlier posts

Post is written all in student’s own words, no direct quotes

References are included as appropriate (and cited correctly according to APA style)

All posts are polite and professional

All posts are written in full sentences, not outline/bulleted list of points

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