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Discuss Social Problems

Discuss Social Problems

For your second and final essay, please choose one of the following chapters in your text, which weren’t specifically covered in this course:

· Aging and Ageism (ch. 6)

· Sexual Behavior (ch. 9)

· The Changing Family (ch. 10)

· Urban vs. Rural Problems (ch. 14)

Write an essay explaining how these problems would be viewed by a sociological theory of your choosing. (You may find info about theory in chapter 1 of your text, as well as in the “Understanding Sociological Theory” resource in your Course Materials on the home page.) The three traditional major perspectives are:

· Structural-Functionalism

· Symbolic Interactionism

· Conflict Theory

You may, however, use other appropriate sociological theories you have encountered in your learning.

Using this theory, address the following questions:

· How can the theory you’ve chosen help explain why the social problem exists, or why it qualifies as a problem?

· How can the theory help explain why the problem still exists?

· How do you think the theory might inform possible solutions to the problem?

Your submission should be approximately 700 words in length and should reflect consideration of course materials and previous lessons.

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