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Discussion : Examine Your Workplace

Discussion: Examine Your Workplace

Assignment: Respond to two of your colleagues’ perspectives other than yours. Your response will typically be 2–3 paragraphs in length, as a general expectation.· View Two (2) of Colleagues’ discussions “See below”· Share an insight about what you learned from having read your colleagues’ postings and discuss how and why your colleague’s posting resonated with you professionally and personally. (Note: This may be a great opportunity to help you think about passions you share with your colleagues· Offer an example from your experience or observation that validates what your colleague discussed.· Offer specific suggestions that will help your colleague build upon his or her perceptions as a leader.· Offer further assessment from reading your colleague’s post that could impact a leader’s effectiveness.· Share how something your colleague discussed changed how you consider your qualities.· No plagiarism1st Colleague – Vitality VLet me preface that there is a healthy, active and forward thinking effort to attract and retain diversity reflective of the general U.S. public.  One noticeable workforce under/over-representation can be found in a split between broad categories of on the one hand teams that provide support to organizational functions, logistics, office assistants, and so forth and on the other hand teams that are involved in project management, writing and analysis.    To give an oversimplified example, the support staff is overrepresented by employees who are female, African-American, or Hispanic, while writing and analysis is overrepresented by women.  Another pattern (at least to my eye) is that traditionally male team units, e.g. in security have greater female representation in the younger generation on the security staff.  When there is such an intra-unit difference, it can provide grounds for “multi-privilege” conflict that has to be identified and resolved. 2) In check the privilege exercise, what caught my eye are multiple sub-surface dimensions that could make one feel included or excluded.  It was a good reminder that people hold individual values and perceptions of themselves that go beyond surface level he/she/they is X or Y.Top of FormBottom of Form2nd Colleague –Anika HuberDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices are fundamental components of the center where I work. So, I consider myself very lucky to work in a very inclusive workplace with diverse organisational demography: 50% of all senior personnel are from historically underrepresented groups in STEM, including women, racial/ethnic minorities, and first-generation college graduates. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are also represented in the centre.I had some challenges with the “Check your Privilege” exercises. The challenge I faced was, for example, with the statement “I can speak up without interruptions”. I consider interruption rude and would see it as a matter of manners rather than a privilege. I am aware that I am working in a place that strives for inclusivity, and that I am privileged because I have never seen “not being interrupted” as a privilege. In any case, I am determined to work on my perceptions, learn more about privileges, and identify them where possible in my day-to-day work.

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