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Discussion: Human Genetics

Discussion: Human Genetics 26 26


The goal of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to

examine inheritance patters within their own family.


For your Initial Post, due by Wednesday 11:59 PM:

1. Choose a trait from the Genetics Lab.

2. Examine how this trait exists in your own family.

3. Post your genotype and phenotype along with those of three of your

family members.

For your Response to at least two classmates, due by Sunday, 11:59 PM:

1. Provide feedback on the posts of two of your classmates.

2. Examine whether or not the genotypes and phenotypes match and

comment accordingly.

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Discussion Guidelines

As you read and respond to others’ posts, keep in mind some basic rules for


Be kind and respectful to others

Use full sentences

Don’t use too much jargon

Treat others online as you wish to be treated

Use language that supports others

Additional information is available under Course Communications in the

online classroom.


The initial post includes the genotype and phenotype of you and three

additional family members. This is worth 16 points. Your two responses are

worth 8 points. This assignment is worth 24 points toward your final grade.

See attached example




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