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The Purpose:

• The purpose of the Disruptive Innovation Project is for students to further understand theories of innovation, reflect on how innovations are disrupting their field of study/careers, and analyse important socioeconomic and technological trends impacting the world, and their lives.


The Task:

Write a report that:

· is a minimum 5 pages double spaced (not including reference section, title page)

· references a minimum of 2 academic sources and 2 news articles/op-eds, etc

· is formatted according to APA standards (12 pt font, proper citations, etc., though no abstract required)


The Details:

• Submit to appropriate drop-box on SLATE before class in Week 8 before the start of class in .docx or .pdf format (or late deductions will be incurred)

• the window for receiving submissions (in the drop-box) will remain open for one week following the submission deadline- students will not be able to make submissions once the window closes

•a late penalty of 10% per business day is in effect


The Content:

Now that you know what innovation is, identify and reflect upon one innovation that has or will radically alter the way things are done within your field (preferably a disruptive innovation, though any advancement or innovation trend can be used). These could be innovations specific to your field (e.g., particular technologies that are domain specific, like medical imaging equipment) or are more general innovations that impact multiple fields but specifically impact yours in a unique way (e.g., how the internet impacted education).

1. Identify and describe the details of your field and the innovation you chose.

2. Describe how the innovation has impacted or is forecasted to impact your field.

3. Reflect on the positive and negative impacts of this disruption to your field. For example, how does this impact the day-to-day workings of those in your industry, for better or for worse? How does this change the economic viability of particular skill sets that people have acquired? What are the implications for training and education? What do you need to do to adapt to this innovation?













Projects will be graded according to the following criteria:



Was the cited work summarized accurately?

Did the project focus on an appropriate innovation?

Was the impact of that innovation analyzed meaningfully in the context of the chosen field?

Did the essay effectively make arguments grounded in evidence?

Were the arguments and connections logical and creative?



Was the essay a minimum of 5 pages?

Were there a minimum of 2 references to academic sources and 2 references to news articles/op-eds, etc.?



Was the entry written in a way that adhered to academic writing standards (e.g., proper grammar, spelling, etc.)?

Was the document formatted according to APA standards?

Were citations/references appropriately formatted according to APA standards?



TOTAL: /25



Assignment is to be submitted to Dropbox in .docx or .pdf format before the start of class in Week 8

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