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EDUC 220 Case Study Responses

Early Childhood, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. You are to choose one level of learner in each unit and respond to the following.

· After reading your case study, read the modules in the assigned unit. As you are reading make at least 5 connections between the case study you read and the module content for all the modules you are assigned to read in the unit. The connections can be examples or non-examples of the theories or suggested practices in each unit.

· After reading all the assigned modules in the unit, respond to the “Reflect and Evaluate” questions for only the module listed in the assignment title in Canvas.

Please use the following format for your responses: [Adjust number of responses where needed; this is a model, and the number of responses in text may change from one unit to the next]

Course: EDUC 220

Unit # and Title:

Case Study level and title:

· Connections

· 1.

· 2.

· 3.

· 4.

· 5.

· Module # and Title

· Reflect & Evaluate Responses

· 1

· 2

· 3

· 4

· 5

· 6

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