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Education Assignment

Assignment 3.1

  • Prompt: Read the comprehensive, in-depth case study of a student (see Appendix B) who has difficulty reading and a scenario involving the student. Based on the information provided, use the knowledge gained throughout this course and other courses in the program to make recommendations and draw conclusions about You should include a scaffolded reading plan for differentiated instruction for this diverse learner. Please see Appendix B for the case study and supporting documents.
    • Requirements: Examine the case study, complete the required elements (from the sheet), and turn it in as a word document. You must use information learned in this course (or any other Literacy/reading course). You need to use the correct terminology that a teacher would use when diagnosing and remediating students with reading difficulties. 

There are several parts to the case study. Please put them on different pages and upload them as ONE document. Be sure to include an APA-formatted cover page and reference page.

Case Study for Unit 3 


Early Reading

Level A • Case 4


Student: Orlando

Age: 10

Grade: 4

Focus: Comprehension  


Orlando is an active child who arrives at school every day with a smile and a hug for his teacher. He enjoys group activities and likes to sing and draw. Though the class has been working on

comprehension skills all year, Orlando is unable to answer simple comprehension questions (e.g., main idea, main characters) when reading independently. As the end of the school year nears, his teacher has become concerned about his lack of progress. During a consultation with the reading specialist, several strategies were discussed and the following instructional goals were developed for Orlando:

  • Given a brief reading passage on his instructional level, Orlando will read the passage and be able to retell the main events.
  • Given a prompt, Orlando will be able to employ the following comprehension strategies: predicting, summarizing, questioning.
  • Given a brief reading passage on his instructional level, Orlando will read the passage and be able to retell the main components of a story (e.g., characters, setting, outcomes).

Assignment (There are three parts that should be submitted as one document)

  • List two strategies for reading comprehension that could help this student -list them.
  • Summarize the components of each strategy. Be sure to include how each strategy will support Orlando and what the benefits are to using each strategy.
  • Select a children’s story (e.g., “The Three Little Pigs”) and develop a graphic organizer to be used with the story to help Orlando identify the story’s main components

Unit 3 Writing Assignment 1 – Case Study Rubric

Criterion1.0 – 0.33 Below Average0.34 – 0.67 Average  0.68 – 1.00 Above Average
Critical Thinking     

Communication evaluates the proper attention to format, grammar, punctuation, and the student’s ability to develop thought in an organized structure that exhibits advance level work.  

Originality evaluates the attention to proper citing and referencing of source materials and the student’s ability to summarize, paraphrase, and effectively quote the work of others, while developing original ideas and thoughts from researched material.

Critical thinking evaluates the exhibited understanding of the process for reasoning and the elements of thought as illustrated in the student’s written work.

Integration evaluates the appropriate inclusion of thoughts, ideas, and information from assigned reading in context with the topic, question, or task. 

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