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Each state has its own accreditation policies and systems aligned to federal mandates. There are also national and regional accreditation agencies for PK-12 institutions that can be school or program-based depending on the institution’s designation as public, independent, faith-based, or international. There are similarities and differences between accountability and accreditation and their requirements depending on the school or institution and the state’s Department of Education requirements. 


You will create an engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation file to provide an overview of the accountability and accreditation for a selected PK-12 school or institution to an audience of teachers. Examples can be a public, charter, independent, faith-based, or international school, an early childhood center or a career and technical education center.

Complete the following steps to prepare for this assignment:

  1. Select a school.
  2. Review the school’s or district’s/institution’s website and begin to trace the school’s accreditation pathway.
  3. Review the school’s state Department of Education to determine the accountability systems in place for the school, which may depend on the school’s designation as well as any accreditation requirements or options.
  4. Next, go to the applicable accreditation agency based on what you have found. Five of the major accreditation agencies were included in the lesson’s content but there may be more.
  5. Review the accreditation requirements of the selected regional accreditation agency that are applicable to your selected school.

For this assignment, include the following recommended slide content (this may vary depending on the information you find):

  • Title Slide
  • PK-12 School Information: Name and description of the selected school, location, and accreditation.
  • State Department of Education: Provide an overview of the accountability system and requirements for accreditation (as applicable)
  • National or Regional Accreditation: Provide an overview of the accreditation agency or agencies, then summarize the requirements and standards for accreditation for each accreditor (as applicable).
  • Reference Slide

This assignment is 8-10 slides (excluding the title and reference slides) and must include at least 3 sources.

To complete this assignment, you will record yourself providing narration for your presentation slides, then save your narrated PowerPoint presentation file as a video, and submit both your PowerPoint file and the video to the assignment dropbox 

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