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Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

My main focus is to produce a well-researched piece that will address the environmental challenges due to persistent anthropological degradations. This will be achieved by carrying out intensive research before coming up with well thought feasible recommendations to the concerned authorities.


 Diamandis, P. & Steven, K. Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. New

            York: Free Press. 2012. Print.

This book was published to sensitize the readers on environmental education. Apart from informing them on the current situation, it asserts that the future can be improved if environmental conservation is prioritized.

Ruppeto, R. The Forest for the Trees?: Government Policies and the Misuse of Forest

            Resources. Massachusetts: Dinsmore Books. 2009. Print.

This book highlights the important roles of forests in the environment. Moreover, it goes ahead to explain that these resources have been misused in the past. Therefore, it should be the role of the government to formulate stringent policies to curb indiscriminate logging.

  Shabecoff, P. Earth Rising: American Environmentalism In The 21St Century. Nevada:

            Wombat Book Company, LLC. 2004. Print.

In this book, Shabecoff educates readers on how mankind can use technology to improve the lives of others. Even if the world has become so competitive, individuals should unite and make contributions that will transform the entire biodiversity.

Questions to be Answered

  1. Define environmental ethics. Do you think the business community should apply it as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR)?
  2. State and explain five contributions of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) in creating a green economy.
  3. In your opinion, what are some of the major impacts of global warming in the world today?
  4. Define carbon trading. How effective has it impacted on the  countries of the third world?
  5. List six mitigation measures to environmental pollution.


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