Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment. An academic essay is a focused piece of writing that develops an idea or argument using evidence, analysis, and interpretation.

Essay Writing Assignment

While we have already defined an essay and identified its most dominant forms, every student must understand how to write excellent essays. Before doing that, let me remind you of the significance of research in essay writing. Backing up your essays with empirical data goes a long way in making them logical, realistic, and appealing to the reader. In other words, your essay is more likely to lose its taste and purpose when it lacks the much-needed informative aspect. Thus, you mix facts and opinions while working on your essay.

Easy Steps of Writing Assignments for College Students

Various disciplines, including humanities, have specific essay writing conventions to be adhered to throughout the writing process. In most cases, this depends on the essay level. Amid these differences, there is a broad consensus among academic writing experts that all essays have some general or common characteristics: structure, evidence, plan and focus, and tone and style.

Your essay’s primary focus is to answer questions as a way of demonstrating that you understood the subject matter. Structure-wise, it should be logical, coherent, and conclusive because an essay should be well-positioned to bring together wide-ranging materials and ideas or points together. Notably, all essays should be in prose form. In addition, you should in-text cite and reference any outside sources accurately to avoid plagiarism. Lastly, your tone should be formal.

Sample Reflection Paper

Besides appreciating it as an advanced degree available for individuals in the complex and complicated field of business, I have learned a lot about the DBA program. In particular, the program presented me with the rare opportunity to learn that, while an MBA program remains one of the popular degrees for individual managers and leaders in business enterprises, a DBA is a demonstration that, as a doctorate student, I am willing to identify and explore extra gaps in preparation for such leadership positions. I have learned that the DBA program is designed in a way that provides the learner with a variety of advanced tools, especially 21st-century skills. The program gives insight into the various research tools and skills that are useful in the development of strategic plans and reaching informed decisions necessary for problem-solving

The information I have learned about the DBA program would contribute towards my successful completion of the program. First, I would apply the explorative aspect of the DBA program to my studies by demonstrating high levels of focus and commitment. Through the program, I have recognized the need to engage in continual learning because it goes a long way in broadening my understanding of the research project. In other words, I would incorporate the professional development component of the DBA program into my assignments, engagements with fellow students, and instructors. I must admit that DBA coursework and related learning activities are demanding and rigorous. Given these high achievement expectations, I would invest in applying the advanced skills, knowledge, firsthand experience, and techniques I have learned to manage my project.

As stated earlier regarding the relationship between a DBA and an MBA, I would appreciate the DBA program as an opportunity and a major step towards realizing my academic excellence. To achieve this, I would integrate the 21st-century skills I have so far learned into my research project by thinking critically, ensuring perfect verbal presentation of ideas, writing clearly, and engaging in a comprehensive analysis of concepts and findings (Rezun, 2019).  The focus would allow me to resist and avoid multiple distractions, place much emphasis on meaningful activities, and gain new knowledge that is a prerequisite for succeeding in the doctorate program.

Steps to Succeed

Grabowski and Miller (2015) agree that the emerging and current body of research has overemphasized the content and management of doctoral programs, overlooking students’ motivations and other determinants of success. Having had a firsthand encounter with a DBA program, I think being successful is determined by a wide range of factors. In this respect, the ability to succeed in the program would be subject to following up to six steps. The first step involves setting clear and realistic expectations because underestimating the program’s scope of demand is a risk factor for failure. The second step is disciplined time management because the program requires adequate time.

The third step constitutes establishing or finding a vibrant or strong support system because the process may be downright frustrating and time-consuming. The fourth involves ensuring compatibility with the advisor. It is important to find and develop a healthy relationship with an advisor who identifies with dignity, trust, and fairness. The fifth and final steps comprise focus and smart and passionate writing and presentation (Rezun, 2019). Ultimately, the professor would expect a doctorate student to commit, avoid distractions, and write clearly to save on time and other resources.


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