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As mentioned previously, it is increasingly common for a student to confuse a report with a research paper primarily because they do not know how they are defined and structured. Similarly, the University of Babylon recently admitted that “the definition of essay has been vague from time immemorial.” Today, the broadly accepted definition says that essays are based on the authors’ perspectives, often written in prose. Therefore, we can assume that essays oscillate between non-fictional and fictional writings because they seem subjective.

Essay Writing Services

Having noted the controversy regarding previous attempts to define an essay, students need to master various essays. Assignments across high schools, colleges, and universities will give you several assignments; thus, understanding where they fit is necessary.  In her book, information Obtained from Successful College Writing, Kathleen McWhorter highlighted four significant types of essays: expository, narrative, argumentative, and descriptive. I firmly believe that these constitute the most common essays you are more likely to encounter in academia.

If asked to write a candid expository essay, the teacher expects you to dig deep into a specific topic and associated themes primarily to generate an idea. In sum, you will analyze evidence and structure an explanation or exposition. While an expository essay emphasizes structuring an elucidation, an argumentative one requires the student to address the main supporting and opposing viewpoints before justifying their position on the topic.

As the name indicates, a descriptive essay revolves around the critical components of language: metaphors, verbs, adjectives, and similes. The instructor will ask you to describe something or someone as vividly and exhaustively as possible as a student. A textbook example involves writing about the adverse impacts of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the digital divide. Such a topic provides you with an ideal opportunity to identify key terms and describe their subtle aspects. In this respect, descriptive essays are creative-like writing assignments.

Finally, narrative essays are personal pieces in which the student makes their viewpoint clear for the target audience. In most cases, these papers capture stories, commonly known as creative non-fiction. In this respect, using the first-person point of view is not uncommon in narrative writing pieces. Like other essays and potentially all academic papers, a narrative essay has three sections: introduction, body, and concluding remarks. Students’ understanding of essays is critical because they allow you to demonstrate your mastery of language and creativity across topics and contemporary issues.