Reflection Journal

Specific Week 1 Instructions

Exegete (i.e., critically interpret) your input: What voices (in books/podcasts/media) do you consume?

  • What voices do you trust and mistrust?
  • What draws you to these sources?
  • How do these voices impact your perspective or outlook, and how can you tell?
  • How do sources or voices build or lose your trust?

Overall Instructions

Each week, submit a 1–2-page written journal that invites you to reflect on contexts and cultures within which you live and may one day do ministry, along with guided topical reflections. Make connections between each topic and the course readings, videos, and discussions. For the Best Nursing Writing Help.

Your journal each week invites you into observational reflection. Using specific examples to support your reflection as much as possible, explore, examine, and ultimately exegete your perspectives, assumptions, influences, experiences, questions, reactions, and growth as you engage the perspectives and stories of others who are similar and different. Each week’s journal asks you to exegete (expound and interpret) aspects of your context, similar to how you would exegete Scripture.

The following questions can further guide your observations and interpretation each week:

  1. What have I learned during readings, learning exercises, and efforts to hold tension between ideas in this course?
  2. What stands out to me as I exegete my world, influences, church, library, and formation?
  3. What do I find challenging, uncomfortable, or unresolved?
  4. How am I choosing to adapt to new experiences or information?
  5. What do I feel about opportunities for growth, change, and my own calling to ministry in a globalized world?