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Experiences with Healthcare Information Systems

When I originally became a nurse, we used paper charting. Everything was written down in the patient’s chart. So, when the discussion of using an EHR became a part of the ever-growing healthcare system, I can honestly say I was nervous about it and the changes it would bring. However, fast forward to today, there are many pros- and cons of these systems. I have learned through the years that having a lot of information already in the system allows you to move through fluently. My organization uses EPIC, and I really like the way it is designed. I can focus on the patient and answer relevant questions that the system has already provided. This system allows me to review important patient information, not just from Carilion providers but from providers in other organizations as well. I can access relevant patient information such as labs or other testing, as well as answer any questions the patient may have by accessing the internet when needed. Learning a new system and adapting to changes or upgrades can be frustrating at times. However, changes are going to always take place in a growing healthcare system, and adapting to change is something we will always be doing.

It is important to have additional information at your fingertips, such as looking up medications, side effects, and interactions, or if a patient has any questions regarding labs, testing, or disease processes, you are just a few clicks away from providing the information they need. In-home health, we can do that if we have internet access, which is where our MIFI comes into play. However, this can be a con if we are in a location that is out of service range. As noted in our lesson this week, we as nurses play a major role in safety, quality, and cost reduction and could ensure that technology addresses the needs of a manifold of populations that connects with countless clinical systems (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2023). It is important for nurses to be confident and educated with health information systems, as this provides support for work tasks and helps promote safety and quality of care (Kaihlanen et al., 2023). I feel my experience with health information systems has been positive. All in all, I am able to use information from it that helps me to provide the best care for my patients possible.

    ( Robin)                                                                                                  References

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