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Explain social justice in your own words.

Explain social justice in your own words.

Social justice to me means exposing people to possibilities outside of the norm and/or narrative in which they were raised. Social justice means you are not your current circumstance/situation but you have the chance to turn any situation around with the proper resources and support(s).

Explain how this picture represents social justice.

In this photo, above you are looking at an inmate who is connecting with the adolescent and young adult incarcerated males through their shared love of hip hop. The music program is sponsored by an advocacy group that works with incarcerated women and men to give back to the youth in hopes that it deters them from a continued life of recidivism. In order to participate in the program you must be housed in a program unit, attend counseling, zero incidents with staff or inmates, and successfully completing all required treatments and training towards release. This picture represents social justice because the individuals who are reaching out to the youth to prevent them from a continued life of crime aren’t getting a reduced sentence because of their participation, they are trying to prevent them from giving speeches to the next generation.

Explain economic justice in your own words.

Economic justice to me means financial equality for all, there would be no such thing as the haves and have-nots. Individuals and families wouldn’t have to choose between paying for their utilities and putting food on the table.

Explain how this picture represents economic justice.

The picture above represents my efforts in trying to ease the stress in the lives of several families in the community. Through my partnership with a local organization, I was able to secure 75 meals to feed a family of four, which included a $25.00 gift card to Food Lion. While the event was first come first serve it opened the door for me to enlarge the give away the following year with an additional sponsorship that allowed me to give away stainless steal cookware sets.

Explain environmental justice in your own words.

Environmental justice is taking care of the world around you to ensure that we can live, breathe, and move freely with the freedoms we deserve.

Explain how this picture represents environmental justice.

In this picture, above you are witnessing a woman enjoy the clean air and environment free of debris, trash, and toxins that occur when our environmental rights are not protected.

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