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Field Research Responses

Field Research Responses

It is important to consider nutritional facts when feeding children. Most parents are aware of what they should feed their children, but they are unaware of what they should not. Therefore, they will constantly feed them fast food because they want their kids to eat something sweet rather than considering the issue of nutrients and trying to eliminate any foods that might negatively affect them. It is important to fed children nutritious food and ensures they get a balanced diet.

Some people are conversant with what their children eat. They allow them to suggest what they want and eventually decide to offer them exactly that. However, when children become obese, these parents starts living with remorse arguing that they could have controlled this situation in the first place. Parents should remember that they are in charge and they should not always aim at pleasing them especially when their health is at risk. It is essential to limit the amount of fast foods and sweets that children take.

People are unwilling to force their children on any sports, and thus many let them decide whether they want to exercise or not. However, exercises and sports are important to a child, not only in reducing the possibility of being obese but also because they keep fit, active, and healthy. Children cannot be forced into sports, they will constantly rebel or lie about it, and thus, it is important to motivate them.

There is the efficacy of family-based treatment that is meant to improve health outcomes and control weight. Healthcare providers are advocating for changes in eating habits and requesting children to keep exercising, eat healthily, and avoid fast foods and sweets. They advise that children who are obese have a higher risk of attaining adverse health outcomes, which can be psychological and medical problems. Therefore, they advocate for safety first, and hat can be attained by eating nutritious foods and working out. They also offer therapy to those who are obese and help try to get the children back to the acceptable weight.

Some health providers at times inflict the blame on the parents arguing that they are the ones responsible for their kids’ conditions. This is mostly true, but since it has already happened, they should not criticize the parent; they should help and advise them. Children will not feel comfortable if they are constantly regarded to as fat or overweight and in their tender age of below ten years, it may affect them psychologically. The poor and underserved populations are the most affected by this condition, and thus it may be hard for them to alter their diet or feeding methods because they are used to a certain meal, or they can only afford certain meals, and thus they do not eat healthily, they just eat what they can. The treatment can also be hindered by attitudes about foods, diverse cultures, and reduced chances or opportunities for physical activity.

BMI is gender specific and age specific for children. It is essential because the BMI-for-age in a person’s childhood determines the adulthood BMI. It is important because it helps identify childhood obesity and thus healthcare providers constantly use it. The Body Mass Index is calculated by using height and weight to identify whether a person is obese, normal size or below average. It is evaluated using gender and age-specific charts to take into account the different patterns of growth in gender. The amount of fat in the body and weight, differ for girls and boys.

Health care providers can screen children by using Body Mass Index. This is because the rate of obesity is continually increasing even with so many suggestions on how to reduce them. The providers should screen for obesity and offer counseling which is obesity related. However, the providers still do not heed to this, and thus it is still hard to eliminate obesity or extensively reduce the levels of obesity in kids.

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