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For how long have you been lumping?

KN week 5 discussion 1

A 32-year-old female presents for an evaluation of a lump in her right breast that she found on breast self-examination. The lump is found to be 2cm in size, firm, and mobile. No Adenopothy noted.

For how long have you been lumping?

    • What are two questions you would ask this patient?What are two risk factors you would want to assess for?
    • What are the levels of prevention for this patient?

Please validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

My first question would be; For how long have you been lumping?

The other question is if the lump changes size during her menstrual cycle.

I would assess breast cancer since a breast lump is a risk factor for breast cancer.

The other thing I would assess is the productive history of the patient. This might also be a reason for the lump in the breast.

The levels of prevention for this patient I would recommend are; Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, avoiding the use of birth control pills, being physically active, and also the patient to watch her weight. All this prevention will have a big impact on preventing the breast lump.

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