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Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn can deal with this situation by ensuring employees are satisfied with the working conditions and the overall pay. The claims that the company was treating employees harshly may have contributed to the issue of suicide. One may feel like it is uncalled for people to air their grievances through suicide, but the average age of the employees in the area investigated is 21.1. Therefore, they can go to extremes to deal with their hardships and thus opt for suicide rather than going through harsh conditions and poor pay.

Employees are often satisfied by some specific workplace features, and to achieve the required success, a company should keep the employees satisfied (Ajala, 2012). The company should motivate the employees and ensure they maintain good psychological, physical, and physiological health; thus, this will help reduce, if not fully eliminate, the issues of suicide (Ajala, 2012). The company has been employing employees with little education and are of tender age. Therefore, the company should devise a way to make them feel important rather than treat them in a way that makes them feel like slaves rather than employees.

The company can also develop counseling sessions whereby they talk with the employees, listen to the employees’ grievances, and devise ways to solve them. The company has not developed as much as it would like to due to the suicide cases. Therefore, the company needs to eliminate these cases. This can be achieved if the company ensures employees are happy and satisfied.


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