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Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Discrimination and Violence against Individuals Based On Their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

 Gender equality focuses on the same rights accorded to men to be given to women. The report herein concentrates on making the globe a discrimination-free world in terms of gender equality. The report is of vital as it makes the subject an issue that the world body needs to address. Women have long been at the centre front as the most discriminated group ever. The occasion unified officials such as civil society members and Member States to talk over about the gender parity issues and the mechanisms of maintaining the parity levels, specifically within the United Nations organization. The report emphasized the need for gender equality especially in the security segment as well as other sectors are mainly occupied by males. This report was a necessity since it valued the need for having gender equality in the United Nations organization. This would in turn set standards for other nations to take gender parity as a concern. 

        2014 UNESCO Report on Gender Equality and Culture

This report aims at creating awareness on the need for intensive discussion, study and bringing consciousness on the want for equal rights, roles played and opportunities for women and men, boys and girls in the section of heritage and creativity. The report was created by the Culture Sector of UNESCO, whereby it brings together formerly prevailing research materials, regulations, circumstance educations and figures on gender equivalence as week as women’s motivation in principles provided by the United Nations Special Rapporteur in the sector of artistic rights, administration representatives, global study groups and think factories, academic circles, artistes and legacy specialists. The report included commendations for various nations, decision-makers and the worldwide community, within the arenas of creativity and heritage. The recommendations were curated in a way to support gender parity at all levels in all countries all over the world. The report proved to be a stepping stone in ensuring the gender equality policies are enacted in various countries as well as recommendations on how to uphold the recommendations thereby cementing the rise of gender equality requirement.

Gender Equality in the Executive Ranks: A Paradox the Journey to 2030

The report created awareness on the fact that approximately 2.5 billion women and girls all over the globe are impacted on by biased regulations. The laws that obstruct gender equality bar women from making social and economic progress. The report realized that in many nations, unsatisfactory standards have been set for both men and women with women being on the receiving end, regardless of the nature of their need, be it in the application of passports or in employment circles and other sensitive issues such as inheritance and making decisions on when to get married. The report is appealing since it focuses on repealing this law and enacting laws that are bound to be of enormous significance in the fight against gender discrimination, especially against women. The report document has the outcome of reducing major discriminatory issue on the rise around the world. This report is, therefore, a welcoming approach in the attempt to curb gender disparity among women and girls as well as men and boys and ensuring the world embraces gender equality.








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