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Unmet Needs:
The fastest-growing population group in the United States (US) and the largest ethnic minority, Hispanics (also often referred to as Latinos) are projected to constitute nearly 30% of the nation’s population by 2060 (Colby & Ortman, 2014). According to the results acquired from the study conducted to analyze if changes to legal status impact psychological wellbeing among Latino immigrant young adults suggest that the change from undocumented to lawfully present immigrants is associated with positive health
outcomes. (Patler & Laster,2018). Miscommunication, lack of information, and lack of resources can hinder the progress of immigrants living in the US.
Group Purpose:
Will provide education, information, and support to immigrant participants about laws, policies, and resources available to them in Miami-Dade County.
Group structure:
▪ Number of meetings: 6-week program
▪ Frequency of meetings: Once per week during four consecutive weeks
▪ Length of Meeting: 6:30pm-7:30pm
▪ Location: Betty T Ferguson Recreational Complex’s Orichid Room located at 3000 NW 199th St, Miami
Gardens, FL 33056
▪ Size of group: Up to 40 members
Group Composition:
Age and sex of members:
▪ 18 years old and older
▪ Non-gender specific
Social/emotional level and capacity of members:
▪ Non-suicidal members
▪ Able to read and write
▪ modeling positive behaviors
▪ Be considerate of others’ feelings, wants, and needs
▪ Express interest in daily activities
▪ Respect others’ viewpoints
▪ Provide encouragement and support
Behavioral pattern relevant to members:
▪ Group members will be on time
▪ Group members will attend the entire length of the meeting
▪ Group members will be respectful and considerate of every member
▪ Group members will not share any personal information shared by groups with anyone

Group Recruitment:
NeighborHelp members already enrolled in the program will be screened by an outreach worker and will
be introduced to Groupo ESTABILIDAD. Members must voluntarily enroll into Group ESTABILIDAD.

Meeting Pattern:
⁃ 6:30pm-6:40pm- Brief introductions and overview of topics being discussed during meeting
⁃ 6:40pm-7:00pm- Group discussion of the week followed
⁃ 7:00pm- 7:15pm- Open discussions
⁃ 7:15pm-7:30pm- Closing questions regarding the topic discussed and preparation for the following
Evaluation of Effectiveness:
Members will complete a 25 question pre-test and post-test questionnaire to evaluate basic awareness
on topics being discussed: laws, policies, and resources available to immigrants residing in Miami-Dade

Agency Policies that may affect the Group Development:
▪ Budget
▪ Transportation
▪ Child care
▪ Privacy
▪ Safety
Key People:
▪ Lourdes Martinez, MSW, LCSW/Clinical Instructor/Green Family Foundation NeighborHELP Suervisor
▪ Béatrice Worth, MS, MSW, LCSW Green Family Foundation NeighborHELP Assistant Supervisor
▪ Michelle Marquez, Senior Associate Dean of the Community Lawyering Clinic (CLC)
▪ Zoraya Leman Esq.,Sr. Administrative Assistant Law Clinical Programs
▪ Sergeant Gold, Safety Officer
▪ Sophia Croix, Senior Community Outreach Coordinator
▪ Natalie Lopez, Administrative Assistant for Outreach Team
Patler, C., & Laster Pirtle, W. (2018). From undocumented to lawfully present: Do changes to legal status
impact psychological wellbeing among latino immigrant young adults?. Social Science &
Medicine, 19939-48. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2017.03.009
Hilfinger Messias, D. K., Sharpe, P. A., del Castilo-Gonzalez, L., Treviño, L., & Parra-Medina, D. (2017). Life
in Limbo: Latinas’ Assessment of Lower Rio Grande Valley Colonias. Public Health Nursing
(Boston, Mass.), 34(3), 267–275.

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