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Human beings naturally love order.

Human beings naturally love order and, in most cases, try to impose a charge in every situation, including reading.  Most reading depends on understanding the word order as they appear in an eery sentence and beyond to give meaning. In most cases, the vastness of information and the concreteness of data and references makes a reading item logical regarding things being addressed. In “We need to have a frank discussion about marriage,”  Moosa implored the use of simple language and structure that develops gradually as the events unfold to give meaning to his discussion. Through the item, Moosa used various myths associated with marriage while trying to make meaning to the institutions.

In most cases, people have failed to understand marriage, thus equating it with several myths. The author explored these myths while discussing their usefulness in the overall application. The development of ideas is chronological and addresses valuable information as they unfold. The use of examples of successful marriages is a clear indication of what is logically related to it. On the other, Eli et al., in their article, address all the claims associated with online dating and their significance. The authors comprehensively outline the various online dating sites and their usefulness in giving meaning while creating a sound interaction platform. Based on the uniqueness of online dating, the authors adopted mathematical algorithms around the concept to provide definitions of the issues being addressed. Overall, in the two articles, the authors’ focus was subject to their intended message and their clarity to the audience, thus creating an interactive platform for any adoption or changes from them.

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