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Identify how the various stakeholders engaged in school, family, and community partnerships.

  • Were interrelationships within school organization and the community reviewed? If so, how?

The first thing that the video spoke on was meeting with school site admin to get a fell on what the goals and duties are for the school year; some of these things should likely be discussed before the end of the previous year so that planning can take place over the summer and ready to go when students come back on campus. Also discussed is “MEET THE COUNSELOR” In the secondary schools the middle school counselors meet with incoming 5th graders to create schedules so the students already know who they are when they start at the middle school. The same is done for incoming 9th graders. 

Identify how the various stakeholders engaged in school, family, and community partnerships.

When completing the needs assessment, you can g support from teachers and parents. Referrals for counseling can be made through google forms, there will likely be a link on the school website. and a mail box in the office for the school counselor. Make sure to advise students that this is not for immediate urgent needs. Meeting with parents and 504 coordinators was discussed. We want to ensure that student plans and accommodations are current to the student needs. When planning activities for the year you want to collaborate with stakeholders such as teachers, staff like campus security and PTSA and see what they feel is needed for the school and the students. The use of time information is important. I got to attend the end of year reviews and saw how school counselors spent their time. What was used was the student information system. All interventions are entered there and queries can be used to sperate services provided. 

This video shared great information. Since my practicum took place at the end of the school year alot of these topics were covered for the planning for the start of the year. Lessons were completed and reviewed elementary counselors met with middle school counselors to go over students who were currently receiving services. Also collected input from teachers. The middle and high school counselors also met mostly for academics. The school counselors I worked with also made the effort to meet with the PBIS at the high school since they would be working with the for SEL more than the school counselors would.  Something that I learned to use over the years is backwards planning. I have a calendar for things that I know have to be done yearly and I plan usually in April-May to get things set up or at least on the radar for the following year. This helps to make sure mandatory assignments are done so that as emergency’s come along it is not too overwhelming. 


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