Essay Writing

Identify the patterns of development of Western culture.

For this journal, you will reflect on your experiences in this course. Discuss the following:

· Identify the patterns of development of Western culture.

· Argue the themes of greatest significance to the development of early Western culture.

· Identify how notable events through 510 B.C.E. influenced the modern world.

· Explain significant Western cultural ideas.

· Discuss your experience learning throughout this course.

Explain how you would apply the knowledge you have learned in this course to succeed at performing the task in a real-word scenario.

Your journal should be at least two pages in length. If outside sources are used, adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

Course Textbook(s) Wiesner-Hanks, M. E., Crowston, C. H., Perry, J., & McKay, J. P. (2020). A history of Western society: From antiquity to the Enlightenment (13th Concise ed., Vol 1.). Bedford/St. Martin’s.

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