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IHP 604 Module Three Project Preparation

IHP 604 Module Three Project Preparation

IHP 604 Module Three Project Preparation

Healthcare Organization

The healthcare organisation chosen is Mass General Brigham. Mass General Brigham is in the state of Massachusetts in Boston and is considered the biggest healthcare facility based on the number of employees. The hospital has more than 74,000 employees working as physicians, nurses, support staff, researchers, and carers (Mass General Brigham, 2023). The healthcare institutions under Mass General Brigham like the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) have also excelled, as they are the largest private hospitals in the US to receive money from the National Institutes of Health. The Mass General Brigham institutions maintain a combined research budget of more than $1.7 billion (Mass General Brigham, 2023). The healthcare institution has more than 200 residency and fellowship programmes, making it one of the most extensive and competitive medical education programmes in the nation. Medical students and residents often rotate between academic medical centers, community hospitals, and specialty hospitals.

Public-facing data

The healthcare institution has in the past shown its desire to work with communities surrounding the hospital. In its 2022 community assessment report, the institution highlighted various challenges facing surrounding communities, like mental health and drug misuse. The community assessment report for 2022 has the information that will be needed for the project to establish a clear quality improvement initiative.

Why the Organisation and Public Facing Data

The choice of the organisation is based on its size, the expenditure that goes towards research, and its work with communities. Previous work with communities for the organisation has been successful, with the organisation initiating projects that have helped the communities. The public-facing data is readily available on the internet and on the organization’s website. This makes it easier to access the data that will be effective for the project.






















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