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Implementation, critical reflection, and evaluation of an educationalevent

Assessment name: Implementation, critical reflection, and evaluation of an educational
Task description:
Your assessment requires you to complete three aspects of curricula
development. You will:

  1. Describe the changes that you made to your educational
    event (developed in Assessment 1). based on academic
    feedback provided in Assessment 1. Implement your
    educational event (250 words).
  2. Critically reflect on the implementation of your educational event
    and use educational evidence to support your points (1000
  3. Drawing on your analysis of the implementation of educational
    event, your reflections, and evaluations (from peer/participant
    feedback); discuss recommendations for improvement of
    your educational event, draw on evidence (1500 words).
    School of Nursing | Version Final NSN720
    What you need to do:
    Refer and familiarise yourself with the NSN720 unit framework – the
    ADDIE MODEL (a five-phase approach to building effective learning
    solutions). You will need to draw on the last two phases (implement and
    evaluate) of the ADDIE model to complete this assessment task.
    PART 1:
    Incorporate feedback from Assessment 1 to improve the analysis, design, and development phases (ADDIE model). Briefly describe how you did
    this in 250 words. Implement your education event – ensure you
    provide evidence of event implementation.
    PART 2:
    Critically reflect on the implementation of the event referring to your
    education event plan and use educational evidence to support your
    points. This may be written in the first person. 1000 words.
    PART 3:
    Draw on your experience of the implementation and evaluation of
    event feedback to generate recommendations for improvement of the
    educational event. Incorporate evidence to support your points. 1500
    APPENDIX (no limit, no specific mark allocated): Evidence of
    implementation of educational event. You will need to provide
    evidence to demonstrate that you have completed the implementation
    of this event. This might be a copy of the education resources used or an
    email from the appropriate staff or line manager stating you have
    completed the event.
    You will have the opportunity if required, to present at the Week 11
    final workshop presentations (on campus), feedback will be provided by
    academic staff and other students who are present. Include this
    evidence as an Appendix.
    Length: Academic essay 2750 words +/-10% (word length includes in-text
    referencing and excludes your reference list and appendices)
    Estimated time to
    complete task:
    30 hours
    Weighting: 60%
    How will I be assessed: +/- 7 point grading scale using a rubric>
    Due date: 27th October, 2023 23:59hrs
    School of Nursing | Version Final NSN720
    This assessment task requires you to develop an academic essay addressing
    the task. Use a formal essay style of introduction, body and conclusion.
    Your assignment should be written in CiteWrite APA style and prepared as
  • It is a requirement that page numbers for all in-text references are
  • Include a ‘footer’ on each page with your name, student number, unit
    code and page number
  • 2cm margins on all sides, 1.5 spaced text
  • Use font, such as Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman; font size 12
  • CiteWrite APA style referencing
  • Headings can be used to structure your assignment logically (if
    Be submitted in electronic format through your Canvas site.
    What you need to
    PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 and the APPENDIX are to be collated as one
    document and submitted together.
    You may like to use a reflective framework to structure Part 2. The Gibbs
    Reflective Cycle is a simple and adaptable option.
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