Nursing Contribution to Knowledge

The implication section is essential in all nursing dissertation proposals because any dissertation’s principal purpose is to contribute new knowledge to a specific field of study. In this case, you should utilize this part to state your thoughts about the proposed research’s role in enhancing, expanding, and changing current knowledge, practices, or understanding of the research topic, issue, or problem to be investigated. Every nursing student should know that by discussing their study’s implications, they are making substantive, methodological, and theoretical statements. For example, you may want to suggest how the proposed research’s outcomes will positively or adversely impact advanced nurse practitioners.

Ethical Considerations

Finally, your nursing dissertation proposal should adhere to the already defined scientific writing ethics. Fundamental ethical values and principles guide all scholarly works – a research proposal included. These ethical guidelines allow students working on their nursing dissertation projects to protect research participants’ welfare and maintain academic integrity by ensuring the accuracy of scientific knowledge.


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