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The idea of impressionism presents the notion that life can be seen differently by different people and art can be used to paint a picture of life. Art can be used to relate to a person’s life and shape people’s ideas. The art by Mary Cassatt presents a life story of important things that women went through in her life. One captivating piece presented by Mary Cassatt presents Lydia Crocheting in the garden at Marley. The piece of 1880 serves to show what women used to do in these times and what they were expected to do. The art brings a perspective onto the idea of modern art and puts regards on people’s life. It uses the notion that the life of people is a spectacle and thus the art shows what people go through in their daily lives and try to guide them on what to do.

Berthe Morisot works of art also focus on human life as a spectacle. They look at the lives of people and what they encounter in their daily activities. Such a piece of art by Berthe Morisot is referred to as the kitchen, which was done in 1875. The piece shows a woman in the kitchen with two cats in the room, one on the table and the other on the floor. The art shows a kitchen which is not well kept, but the woman is dressed in clothes that show she is about to work on it. This shows the olden days’ roles of women as housewives or to be responsible for kitchen duty. This art serves to look at women and what they are meant to do, and at the same time, it shows that women are meant to nurture and ensure that a place remains presentable. This has guided modern day art as it sends a message whether open or hidden to people in a bid to sway or support their idea of life.

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I liked the way the article explained the use of the Paris as an entertainment theater. The people in the town valued entertainment, and the article is important since entertainment forms an integral part of my life. I agree with the view illustrated by the post that entertainment formed an integral part of the Parisians live. However, I disagree with the view that paintings illustrated differences in social class. Entertainment was meant for all, regardless of social class. Moreover, the post successfully explained how the painting illustrated the value of entertainment among the people. I agree that people valued entertainment, especially during the weekend to signify their freedom. The post also expresses clearly how the Morisot’s painting indicate leisure activities in Paris.

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In my opinion, the post did an impressive work by outlining the use of the spectacle of the railroad. The author successfully illustrated how the railroad illustrated modernity. The explanation is sufficient to illustrate the railroad a spectacle of modernity with towns emerging along the networks of the line. The reader can conclude that the railway had become an important source of leisure as people watched the train arriving at the town. There is a clear connection between the railroad and expansion of leisure activities such as swimming, boat rowing, and entertainment. The railroad made it easy to access points of entertainment across the country. The author illustrates how modernity assisted in developing quality leisure activities and entertainment joints among the Parisians.

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