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In your opinion, why do companies and organizations develop a performance appraisal system?

Q: In your opinion, why do companies and organizations develop a performance appraisal system?

A: Do you want the supposed or the reality?

Q: In your opinion

A: My opinion has a means of injustice

Q: What are the specifications of a fair performance appraisal system, in your view?

A: A fair performance appraisal is that it is supposed to be an appraisal of performance that has nothing to do with the salary, meaning the salary that the employee is supposed to take from this company as a right for him in return for performing his work. This is exactly what the annual increase is not affected by the appraisal. We assume, for example, that the company has distinguished people, and of course there is no one. Distinguished, all in my hands, I mean, he did not accomplish the achievement of the one who took five and took four, like the one who took two, and maybe less, these are things like this, we do not want to talk about them.

In your opinion, why do companies and organizations develop a performance appraisal system?

Q: Ok

A: Let us complete the point, but the company can do it by making the annual increase constant for everyone, let it be for example 7% 5% 10%. Whatever the increase is for all employees and in which the bonus is distinguished, what you want, O Lord, give the employee and the distinguished employee four months, but why does the annual increase take 10% each? A year and one take 2% every year of the salary. Retirement in the end will be an injustice with a cumulative injustice. I am speaking from the point of view of the Saudis. We, the residents, have no right.

Q: We are talking

A: I am talking about the correct situation of the employee. The salary is supposed to not change. I mean, when you complain to one person and give him 3%, another one takes 10%, and the one who takes 10% is already a high salary, but the small salary takes 2% to 3%, and it was before as well when it was The salary is less, the exchange is less, it used to reach the upper limit and does not increase, so it is not normal. I mean, the situation is not normal. I mean, the most important thing is that the salary is not affected.

Q: Your words are sweet

A: At the end of another year, meaning retirement, for example, two recruits in the same year. For example, you will find a difference between after retirement, meaning one, and taking a difference from the second, 10,000 riyals in salary. Ok, why is the annual increase supposed to remain constant?

Q: What are the specifications of an effective and efficient performance appraisal system that serves, motivates, and raises productivity?

A: I said this point in general, but we will repeat it again

Q: As a specification that raises efficiency and stimulates

A: Well, let it be, for example, in measurable points. I mean, measurable assessment points. The points we deal with or embalm what we look at are not measurable. It bears more than one meaning, its interpretation is not related to everyone, it is not related to the position in which the employee is, and so on, as they say.

Q: It is sweet to speak frankly, it is sweet to speak. Well, what is the follow-up method for evaluating your performance, and how is your performance done, and how is that done?

A: There is no such thing as performance evaluation for us. We tell you cumulative injustice. I mean, if I tell you, it is not measurable, and of course foreigners do not take a good performance no matter what they do.

Q: It means that the organization means

A: Whatever works is known

Q: The organization does not treat everyone as equal

A: Which is correct is the point

Q: To what degree does the performance appraisal system help you understand your need for training and development?

A: By God, if it is natural, then it would be a catalyst for development and training. If he is the one who strives, he will take his right. If he takes care, if she applies it, it will open the door of good for all. I know that your salary is a good right compared to other companies. For example, a company, for example, an organization, has employees, so their salary increases by a greater percentage. What makes people work in a respectable field here in energy? I mean, leave the company, and go to other companies. From the salary within five years, the salary increases by 10 % Five years in a second company, the salary will increase by 50%. This is a big difference. I do not want to tell you that I lived through generations here at the station. The department used to send us more than 30 people to prepare it for a year or a year and a half. The compulsory period is for the one who sits for a period of two years, so that he can pay money to the company, if he finds the opportunity to leave the company and go to another company, why? Salary

Q: Ok, let’s move on to the next question. To what degree does the performance appraisal system help you to strengthen effective communication with the supervisor and management?

A: No one communicates with you in evaluating performance. No one communicates with anyone like this, and in the end, what happens is all known.

Q: I mean, there is no good communication. To what degree do you think that your performance evaluation is fair, and why?

A: By God, the performance appraisal is unfair because one works as experiences and not as achievements that are not commensurate with the performance appraisal they take every year. I did what the Saudis themselves did not do and did not get an appraisal. He tells you to take one, what does it mean? An unfair assessment in the first place

Q: What is the lack of equal opportunity

A: I will not tell you that there is a distinction between a foreigner and a Saudi. The Saudis have their right, I mean, but I am already.

Q: Well, I speak as organizations, I mean, but that

A: I am talking about if an organization guarantees excellence for all. I mean, for example, a foreign employee is a correct employee who takes the same number of working hours, the same tasks in her hands, the same achievements, the same competence and merit, so I don’t know if this is a system, and they work with it and we agree uncle. I have no objection, my uncle, to the bonus for the one who makes an achievement that the company gives him for five months. I have no relationship, but the bonus does not affect the salary. I mean, people are distinguished in the bonus. What distinguishes them in the salary? The salary has a cumulative injustice. One year, but instead of giving him two months, give him a full month.

Q: To what degree has the performance appraisal system helped you to develop and make a development plan for your career path?

A: The developmental plan that comes from the administration means that it will be, for example, seen by the employees, or according to the need of the work, it is given to the employee, for example, or it is supposed to mean that the direct manager agrees with the employee on a developmental plan. The path is the same, but of course we are supposed to say it does not apply because there is an answer called it does not apply.

Q: I mean, the system evaluating your performance does not help you to develop

A: It does not apply. What does it mean for a foreigner? There is no development. It does not apply.

Q: To what degree does the performance appraisal help you understand your strengths and weaknesses?

A: We say that if the indicators of performance evaluation are measurable, then we can do that, but I do not want to tell you that 70% of the indicators are not measurable. I mean, they do not apply to the position you are in. I do not want to tell you that I do not know what is supposed to be needed. There are no fixed templates left. For example, I am a CRO, I am an Operator, I am an Assistant. Each one has functional tasks that he is supposed to do. He is supposed to do them in Tasks. He can do them or not see them. You are sorry. I mean, one person, or for example a system that gives the evaluation that is testing. Say, for example, the fish, go up the tree. It is an analogy like this, but it is Indeed, this is how you evaluate the fish if it comes out of the tree, otherwise it does not come out and come. For example, you say what is for the chick? You test it if it floats in the sea, otherwise it is not useful. You are supposed to evaluate the fish in the sea and the chicken on the ground. These indicators are not measurable and are not commensurate with the employee’s job position and the employee’s tasks. Who is supposed to work with it?

Q: To what degree do you think the performance appraisal system helped motivate you and be productive at work?

A: If he is good and fair, he will settle this and more, leaving the employee if he feels the job security we are discussing. I mean, if he is someone who worked in a company, one of his colleagues means of the same age and the same qualification, and he works in a second company after 10-15 years, then how much is his salary? And this salary is his right, how much job security is this, so in job security, if the performance appraisal guarantees the employee a fixed annual increase, for example, second companies, and the bonus changes according to performance, as the company wants, as the organization or company that deals with the employees thinks, let the bonus be the evaluation, but I am the job security The employee is guaranteed that the salary is his entitlement after 10 to 15 years to increase with the same increase as his colleague who works in a second company will reach it, what becomes an employee in the company, the salary is entitled to reach 30 thousand, and an employee after 20 years, the salary will be entitlement to 15,000 if this keeps motivating and keeping people employed And people know it, and by his idea, I mean, people also love the increase. Why do you find someone who takes one month who takes one month, who doesn’t take one who takes one month who takes two months? I mean, distinction from evaluation is not a condition for the annual increase. This annual increase is unfair.

Q: So, the intent of the question is that performance evaluation helped you to motivate, or not?

A: This system does not help motivate people 100%. Why do you motivate anyone? I am working as hard as I can, so where can I go?

Q: Here is a question you answered previously, but I will say to what degree do you think that the rewards associated with the performance appraisal system have an impact on the fair performance appraisal distributions in the organization?

A: Bonuses What do we mean by bonus rewards?

Q: Bonus or rewards

A: It is a nice thing, of course, but the important thing is that it does not affect the salary, the annual increase is not affected

Q: Do you see that the reward associated with the evaluation is fair, or not, and does it influence the distribution of performance evaluation, or not?

A: The idea at the time is that the company needs the reward for the employees who are entitled to it, so any sweet reward, that is, a reward of half a month, a month, two months, whatever the reward is, it is a reward from the company

Q: Is it fair?

A: No, it is the reward that the company needs for the employees. Any need from the company is nice, it is fair, of course. Whatever the value is due, it is an expression of appreciation for the employee.

Q: Even if we link it to performance?

A: Even if the performance is bad, the system is unfair. It is not fair, but any need from the company, the bonus, or the reward for something nice, is fair. But the idea is that I will repeat the words again. The injustice is that the performance or the performance evaluation is linked to the annual increase. The annual increase has a cumulative injustice and injustice. for all

Q: The next question is, to what degree do you think that the current performance appraisal system measures the real effort of the employee?

A: I said it before. It does not measure real effort. It measures the unmeasurable needs of the employee or the functional tasks of the employee. The fish tells you to pick up the tree. No, the fish that I did not know performed badly. It is me, then, who has a fish that comes out of the tree. How? It is assumed that the indicators are reviewed and linked to each one of each job site that has performance indicators.

Q: What would you change or modify in the performance appraisal system if you could?

A: If I could do that, the first thing, of course, is that, as we said, the performance indicators are appropriate with the employee’s job position. Measurable things. Performance evaluation is the third thing, and this is the most important thing. Performance evaluation does not affect the employee’s annual salary increase.

Q: If the decision was in your hands, what would you add to the performance appraisal system to increase employee productivity?

A: Saying the question is second

Q: If the decision was in your hands, what would you add to the performance appraisal system to increase employee productivity?

A: I tell you, of course, that he is present in the performance appraisal, but of course we focus on the issue of transferring experiences. I mean, for example, an employee works well, and he will take a good appraisal. He has his rights, just like that. The job or his subordinates improve their performance at work. This is a distinguishing factor for him. Most of the concepts of speech mean one is distinguished and every year he is distinguished. He would like to get distinguished, but if he left five others distinguished.

Q: His competitor becomes like this

  It is not competition. We call it cooperation. In the end, we are supposed to cooperate. Even if the performance evaluation is good or the evaluation system is supposed to be that it wants to increase productivity and benefit for the company, then there is no competition because in the end we want a good job. You are distinguished, and he takes distinguished, so there is no problem, but to take distinguished, I must prefer distinguished, even if I am less disciplined. I am distinguished. I know that I have experiences, I have information, and I have troubles. No one wants to be distinguished, so what should I do? I monopolize the information I have. I do not speak to people. I do not judge me. I say this reality. I do not say that so-and-so or so-and-so is equal to this. But the human soul is like this. Even if it is less, they will call it the best of the two bad. A year apart from when there is a system that innovates from the company’s actions, so when there is cooperation and transfer of experiences, and the people who are distinguished take a good assessment, and those who learn and excel after it, and for example, a bad assessment and took a chance and learned and became good, taking a good performance and cooperating and transferring experiences. The annual evaluation before that, with the evaluation, with the annual increase fixed for everyone as a percentage of the salary and the bonus, in which they settle what they want, uncle. His performance is normal, and there is no such thing as weak, and it is not weak. Secondly, he tells you that 20% of the employees are weak in a power station. This is a disaster. This is a disaster. If 20% of the employees are weak or their performance is unsatisfactory in a power station, then this is a disaster. Actively, and people are working in a dangerous position like this, and you consider that 20% of the employees are unsatisfactory. No, what is the problem when all the employees are 100% good? What affects the company? The company wants to reduce people’s money, and the goal is not to make the performance good, I mean, and the skills are right for the people and the experiences are increasing and the productivity is increasing. They work well. Why do you impose 20% on me? Why is 20% weak? Not even 5%? As long as it’s good. I don’t have problems as a station or as a group, for example. Or the outcome of the performance is satisfactory for the company. Why two, or one takes completely weak, but this is what I can change. It is not a problem. I have the financial side. The evaluation focuses on the financial side and not on the professional side of the company. If the focus was on the professional side and motivating people, the evaluation system would have gone. It turns out fine, but the evaluation is done to save on the financial item.

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