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Influencing Skills

One responsibility of an organization’s district sales manager may be to mentor newer or veteran employees seeking mentorship. A mentor’s role with their mentee often includes leveraging influencing skills, such as communicating observations and providing constructive criticism to evaluate one’s business communication strategies. This constructive criticism may be provided to the mentee during a face-to-face meeting and/or through email follow up for the mentee to review later.

Influencing Skills

Assessment Deliverable

Complete the interactive COM 539 Week 2: Practice Scenario involving Lynch Landscaping and analyze the sales interaction.

In the scenario, you are introduced to Johan Wolf. For this assessment, you are Johan’s mentor in marketing and sales. Your feedback meeting with Johan about his meeting with Britni Yvonne Lynch is scheduled for later in the day, but you want to write out your feedback and send it to him after your conversation. Compose a draft email to Johan in a document that details your evaluation of the business communication strategies he used in the scenario. Provide recommendations for Johan of how he could have been more effective in the scenario. Include the following in your email:

  • Evaluate Johan’s verbal and nonverbal communication strategies in his conversation with Britni in the scenario and provide at least 1 example of how he could improve both skills.
  • Evaluate the verbal and nonverbal communication strategies Johan received from Britni in the scenario and provide at least 1 example of how he could more effectively read and respond to her cues.
  • Recommend 1 way Johan could have used technology to enhance his communication in this scenario.
  • Identify 2 adaptive-selling strategies and how Johan could have used those to strengthen his position in the scenario.

Provide constructive and professional feedback in a clear and inclusive manner that will keep Johan motivated.

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